Casey Anthony — Psychotic Killer — And She Doesn’t Care.

Don’t you just want to step through your TV screen and punch Casey Anthony in the face?  She murdered her child and now she sits in court watching her parents go through the agony of all agonies, but she has this sick, crazy eyes look on her face that makes you just want to deck her.  I am not advocating violence, but if anyone needs a punch in the face, it’s Casey Anthony.

Recent pictures of Casey Anthony here –> Das Casey photo.

Today the trial got down to the slumlord defense attorney ( I won’t even say his name) trying to prove that the clothes found with Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains were too small on her and hinted at the fact that perhaps Casey’s mom or dad had hastily dressed the dead child in attempt to cover up the fact that Caylee had drowned.    How low will this lawyer stoop?  Does he have children of his own?  I know, I know, I know — eveybody is entitled to a defense and that he is simply trying to spare her from lethal injection, but gimme a break.

This  accidental drowning thing is sooooooo obvioulsy bullshit because if the kid had drowned accidentally, why would Casey have thrown about the charges earlier in the trial that her father and brother had molested her?   Think about that.  If the kid was the victim of an accident, what would motivate the grandparents to hide this ?  They would be screaming in the streets for an ambulance.    You know that’s what any grandparent would do — and you can tell that these grandparents are not sketchy people.

The only person who looks sketchy in all of this is Casey Anthony.  She looks like a severely sick killer.  She has the face of a sociopath and each day in court the face gets sicker and sicker and sicker.  She has now adopted a very severe look for her court appearances because she is a psychotic killer who killed her daughter and bound her in duct tape and then dumped the child in a wooded area.  Subsequently she went on some wild binge of fun and frolic.

To me, the most sickening aspect of the trial is the way Casey Anthony leans in to say things to her lawyer as though this is some kind of board meeting.

She also jots down notes.  What do the notes say —  “I killed my child with duct tape and let her rot for a few days in the trunk of my car and then I dumped her in the woods?”  She does all of this while she watched her parents and her brother languish over testimony that is senseless and tax payer wasting hogwash.  CASEY ANTHONY SET OUT TO MURDER HER KID BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO PARTY — PERIOD!  She did this because she is a murderer of the highest order and she should be hanged at sunrise.

This woman is Satan — she is the evilest face I have seen on TV in a long time — even worse than OJ Simpson — and almost as evil as that kid from facebook — Mark something.

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