Ashton Kutcher is going to PUNK the producers of Two And A Half Men.

“We are very aware that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutscher have scummed their longtime buddy Charlie Sheen, but a buck is a buck and somebody’s going to take the job anyway, so why shouldn’t it be Ashton,” said a source close to producers of the unfunny show, Two And A Half Men.

“Ashton brings in a whole new element of youth and as soon as he signed on to replace Charlie Sheen as a Charlie’s long-lost half brother, a lot of agents started to get into gear.  Now Kim Kardashian will costar on Two And A Hald Men as Ashton’s loving newlywed wife.   The show will even have broader appeal and the producers will show Charlie Sheen that he was not deserving of his multi-million dollar paycheck.”

What an idiot this guy is — he doesn’t realize that he’s being duped. learned from another source, however, that the whole thing is a giant hoax and that Ashton is punking the producers.  He plans to show up on the set of filming and then flub all of his lines as though he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Just when the director and the producers start to freak out, Charlie Sheen will walk onto the set and tell them that they have been PUNKED!

We didn’t think that Ashton and Demi would scum an old friend and let these grubby, untalented, parasitic producers use them for their talents and good looks.

One thought on “Ashton Kutcher is going to PUNK the producers of Two And A Half Men.

  1. The show should go out on top. just let it die. They have tried replacing the main characters before on shows and it does not work. They do not learn from there mistakes. Most shows after replacing the main character last 1 maybe 2 seasons then they get canceled.

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