Exclusive photo: Ralph Macchio Without His Hairpiece Toupee.

Ralph Macchio isn’t always dancing with the stars and he isn’t always wearing his toupee either.  TheDamienZone caught Ralph without his frontal hairpeice on and asked him some questions.

TDZ – We see you’re not wearing the front piece of your hair.  Does it bother you that we took a picture of that?

MACCHIO – What hairpiece?

TDZ – The one you wear when you are on Dancing With The Stars.

MACCHIO – I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I just woke up.  This is bed head.

TDZ — yeah, whatever.


4 thoughts on “Exclusive photo: Ralph Macchio Without His Hairpiece Toupee.

  1. I didn’t know that Ralph wore a hairpiece but I actually think he looks handsomer without the hairpiece.

  2. he’s also an Italian, not wearing clothes that make him look sallow on the left. and yeah, the piece looks lame

  3. Joe — Ralph’s head is too small for that wig — he needs a higher end stylist and he will look fine. You would not believe how many celebrities wear hairpieces – but you do not notice the good ones — he needs to spend more money and get a better stylist to craft it to his features.


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