Kathy Griffin sucks — Joan Rivers is back on top.

According to recent trends and computer models, comic Kathy Griffin has fallen out of favor with her audience — especially the gay men  18-55.  That’s a huge group and they’re staying away in droves.  Legendary comic Joan Rivers is back on top.

“Kathy just isn’t funny anymore.” said Benjamin Switchy, the head of Audience Testing Amalgamated LLC.  “She’s been doing the same celebrity stuff since 2006 and the Palin jokes are just stale.  She will not recover from this because our computer models show us that she has a short life span as a comic.  When you get five good years and then you drop offf as fast as she did, it’s always a sign that you’re next gig will be working a grand opening at Piggly Wiggly — and who wants to see the gay men ages 18-55 way out there? 

“Joan Rivers, on the other hand, is more famous at age 77 than she has ever been.  The computers stats do not lie.

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