Trump Roast Comedy Central – The Situation Bombs!

Mike The Situation Sorrentino tried to be a roaster on the always unfunny and forced Comedy Central Roast.  This time the unfunny and tacky entertainers who have only this gig on their yearly calender, added The Situation as a roaster.  In a word — his career is over! 

He was not only unfunny, he was awkward and amateurish.  Hasn’t he learned anything after 2 years in the public eye?  You have to watch the reruns to see just how bad and squirmy his bit turned out to be.  You might want to leave the room.   This guy has NO TALENT AT ANYTHING!

I stress the fact that you have to watch the reruns of this Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump to appreciate how unbearably untalented Sorrentino turned out to be — please. 

To be fair, the rest of the crew gets big laughs because they are known comics — but they all really stink.  They’re 5th rate lounge acts who landed this gig and that’s who the viewers come to see.

Even Jeff Ross, the king of the bunch, was not funny — and he usually is pretty funny.  Lisa Lampinelli, some unknown tub of lard who is 49 but looks 70 did some really tasteless jokes.  In one she mocked autistic children playing monopoly and joked about Sarah palin’s baby had a huge deformed head like a football.  (the kid has Down Syndrome) — AND NO — it’s not Down’s Syndrome.  Another unknown made a joke about Michael Douglas’ cancer.  Are you getting the picture here?  All shock no funny.  Not one ounce of funny.  Marlee matlin is deaf but that doesn’t stop her from being a total phony and laughing riotously at jokes before they are even uttered — phony — she probably isn’t even really deaf. 

The whole show was unfunny, and amateurish and stupid, but Mike The Situation must be seen to be believed.  You can’t fathom the lack of poise or charisma.  It’s amazing how the producers of Jersey Shore manipulate the miles of tape  so as to make somebody that un-filmable and that stupid seem interesting on a reality show.

A lot of people watch this dopey Comedy Roast so that should finish off any future career plans for The Situation Sorrentino.

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