Ecuador Tsunami relief for Galapagos — a whole $1.99

The Ecuadorean government has sent 6 tons of food and water to the Galapagos after the islands were hit by a tsunami from the massive earthquake off Japan.   DUH!  They’re supposed to do that!  They are Ecuador’s frigging islands for chrissakes — what the fuck? 

Ecuador’s national emergency department says it shipped the aid Monday to 260 families on Santa Cruz and San Cristobal islands whose fishing boats — and livelihood — were destroyed.  This is the greatest amount of aid that Ecuador has ever given anybody ever — 260 families got food.  There are homeless shelters in Cleveland who do that every night of the year — what they fuck is this news — who put out this dumb-ass press release?

Water from the tsunami penetrated up to a third of a mile (a half-kilometer) inland in the Galapagos, causing minor damage to homes and docks, merging a lagoon with the sea.

Police initially reported no major damages.  If there had been major damage Ecuador would have asked the USA to send aid and saved their own money — fucking Inca morons.

The islands are located about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) off Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. They are home to unique animal species that inspired Charles Darwin’s ideas on evolution even though Darwin stole those ideas from other scientists.

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