Evil Oprah Winfrey angry at dying Aretha Franklin.

 The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin certainly shocked a few people when talk show host Wendy Williams announced she scored the coveted interview with Franklin following her health scare.  Aretha might be deathly ill but Oprah, a big fat hunk of lard, is nitpicking about stupid shit like this?
“Oprah was not going to keep the whole interview on the illness, which she knows Aretha is reluctant to fully discuss.  Duh — but she knows that people will watch because they are curious about just how sick Aretha really is — does oprah think she’s fooling anybody?
“She was going to get Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, for a touching tribute. But instead, Aretha chose Wendy — and Oprah is NOT happy!”   In other words — Oprah was going to have a wake for Aretha — live on the air – -while Aretha was still alive.  Would you goon if you had oancreatic cancer and Oprah wanted to have your wake on the air?

In other Aretha Franklin news, the soul singer denies her rapid weight loss is due to gastric bypass surgery, she says,

“Definitely not — and would not,” Franklin, 68, told Access Hollywood when quizzed about the gastric band rumors.

“I heard that [rumor]. I said, ‘That is crazy.’”

“But it definitely was not the bariatric or, what is it, gastric by — Yeah, I can’t even tell you the correct name of it,” she says, adding, “It’s really not necessary to talk about one’s personal medical [health].”

Does Oprah really have the nerve to be upset and could Aretha Franklin be hiding about her health situation?

Oprah has sunk to a new low — Aretha is very sick and this fat hunk of mule lard is worried about the shows on her final season — and by the way — the OWN network sucks.

A source reportedly dished to the National Enquirer that Oprah is boiling mad!  But Oprah really should be boiling some ribs and then getting them ready for the barbecue — she is a miserable fat shithead who doesn’t seem to care that Aretha is VERY SICK!  

“Oprah is about as angry as can be.”  

“This is the final season of her show, and she’s been pushing to land all the big ‘gets’ out there. Oprah is embarrassed that Aretha — a legend — chose Wendy, who is a relative newcomer in the TV talk show world.

“While Oprah gives Wendy credit for snagging the much-coveted sit-down with Aretha, she’s still steaming and has been telling pals that Wendy’s show is a long way from hers, and criticizing it for being silly and gossipy.  Oprah’s show was never gossipy or silly — get the fuck outta here!  It’s the stupidest fucking show on the planet because it’s a maudlin facade — it’s a scam — it enables every scum celebrity who fucks up under the guise of falling under the watchful concern of Oprah.

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