Pia Toscano SUCKS!

Why the fuss over this no-talent Pia Toscano?  She has that same Stevie-Wondergirl vibrato that passes for style — she over sells every song and she is often off key.  What is the taste of Americans that every singer has to have this vibrato and same old same old sound — SHE SUCKS!  SHE IS AWFUL!  SHE SCREAMS!  SHE HAS NO TALENT!

When she sang All By Myself it sounded like she was burning alive in a fire.  It was awful!  It made me sick!  The whole effing show makes me sick.  I try to watch it and within 5 minutes I have to shut it off because it kills me that I live in a nation where the average person has no fcking taste!

American Idol is the show where everybody sounds the same — all it is is SURVIVOR with music.  This Pia Toscano is the worst singer — not the very worst — but she sounds like 99% of the men and women who seem to move forward on this show that showcases the lack of taste inherent to the average American moron.


41 thoughts on “Pia Toscano SUCKS!

  1. uumm lmao u sound like a very angry person…God bless ya, im pretty sure pia doesnt suck. try not to lose sleep over it though… cheers!

  2. I am not an angry person! I’m not even a person for chrissakes! I am, however, angry about this show because there are kids out there who can really sing and this Snooki look-alike who sounds like she is standing on a vibrating platform is getting high praise from a music industry that wants everybody to sound like Mariah Carey if she had just eaten Sam Harris — it makes me sick!


  3. Pia sucks. Every week she says she’ll sing something other than a ballad and doesn’t. I believe it’s because she can’t. Listening to her is painful. The judges are pathetic. I’m done with AI.

  4. she sounds like celine dion… why the fuck would anyone want another celine dion?!? the first celine was bad enough!!! she’s fucking garbage and can only sing ballads…

  5. Pia sucks. She just sang a non-ballad from the 1960s but it still sucked. and the god damn vibrator was running at 10,000 hz tonight. American Idol is pathetic.

  6. Finally, I found someone with the same opinion as mine! Although I think you may be over-exaggerating a little, I certainly agree with you that she sounds like ‘99% of the men and women’.

    A lot of people credit her singing ability as ‘AMAZING’; and everytime I hear someone say that, I think ‘she sounds just like any other girl who can sing’. There’s just really nothing unique about her voice. As far as American Idol goes, I’m certainly not impressed.

  7. I do NOT get why so many people are outraged over her leaving.. chick had an OK voice, nothing spectacular, but her complete LACK of stage presence, inability to move without looking wooden, and her exceptionally high opinion of herself.. made me wanna barf everytime i saw her perform. she connected ZERO with her audience.. how shallow are these people to see a pretty face with an OK voice than paled in comparison to celine dion.. you i agree.. one was way more than enough…. WTF???? AMERICA GOT IT RIGHT!!!! My whole family was high-5ing when it she was voted off.. we were shocked in a HAPPY way because she was getting such high ratings on the internet and by judges.. we wanted it to be her but thought there was no chance!! AMERICA GOT IT RIGHT!!! SHE SUCKED!!!!

  8. Wow, your blog gives one hope for the music universe (lol). I totally agree with everything you said – that includes the vibrator – haha. Who the hell wants another Celine? Exactly!

    I have seen her YT vids where she is suppose to be singing in a cappella over the computer, but it is total BS because it does not take a rocket scientist to hear that she manipulated the mic to sound better – wtf? Her version of “All By Myself” could have woken-up the dead – actually it did that’s why they came and visited me (lol). I came across this Charice chick who could blow her ass out of the water on that same song but she is a pro. Anyways, if she could sing these POP songs over a computer, why didn’t she do it on AI? Answer she can’t do it live. She is a freaking ballad singer and there is a reason why they are extinct like the dinosaurs(lol). On top of that, the chick had no personality or stage presence. It was like, look mom I am pretty, and I can make noise with my mouth (lol). A mannequin would have more stage presence than her. Also, did you notice how she caked on that makeup? Damn I wonder what she looks like in the morning? Nope, this time I am with the teenie boppers for getting it right!

  9. Also everyone, those of you who says she sings BALLADS, you got that word from the JUDGES you dumb asses! Learn to have your own opinion. Anyone who thinks that Pia sucks must have voted for Obama! Just so you all know, Pia is awesome! He singing ability is better than anyone on that show! Its pretty sad if you have to go make a website to say how you think she is bad, when its people like you who are probably collecting welfare and sitting on your ass.

  10. I wrote AI as in A. I. — as in American Idol. The letter “A” and the letter “I” — they call that an abbreviation. Like, Dancing With The Stars is ofen reffered to as DWTS because it’s annoying to keep writing out the name of the show. Stop bothering me and stop abusing Yahoo email. Also, you wrote, “Your the one who needs a tutor.” You should have written, “You’re the one who needs a tutor.” The contraction for You Are is You’re.

  11. I don’t care what he says to me or about me — this blog is supposed to be funny — if you notice I allowed all the posts he sent until he started making up disgusting email addresses from Yahoo. The anger is way out of control — he can say whatever he wants but use a real email address and not one that is vulgar. That’s all I care about. I also do not want to get 22 emails in a row because the website considers that to be spamming and the stuff gets deleted automatically before I even see it. Okay — now call me any names you want but just use a real email address that is not abusive to yahoo.

  12. It doesn’t have to be a REAL email — just one that is not vulgar. My spam detector sees these things and then decides in 2 minutes if it wants to delete them or not. If he wants to use the email ILovePia@yahoo or whatever– that’s fine. But i don’t want things like DamienSucksObamaD**k@yahoo because it screws up the message board. Like I said, the message can say anything — I don’t care (except for a few words) but just use a normal sounding or funny email — that’s all i ask — look at some of the other comments from other users. Okay now — TRUCE — you write what you want but don’t get angry if the spam detector deletes you — that would mean you are sending too much stuff.

  13. I agree i think this talent-less piece of shit deserved to go home. america made the right choice,I livein NY and am SO sick of hearing how wonderful she was, better contestants have gone home in the past.

  14. I am so glad that prissy, nose stuck up in the air, standing in one position with her knees bent, disgusting facial expression, fake smile, no personality, boring, nasty jump suit wearing, want everyone to think she’s a virgin, premadonna, daddy’s girl got sent home!!!! I can’t feel a thing when she sings except her thinking I got to be perfect. It’s like putting a quarter in a corpse and watching it sing. She looks more like she’s trying to play sports than perform. Every time I just cringed with repulsion. Just look at how Carrie sing “Stand by you” compared to Pia. Pia may have blown the roof off the house but it didn’t mean anything because she wasn’t singing to anybody. Just trying to show what note she could hit and how long she could hold it for. Yucky Yucky Yucky!!!! Carrie Underwood is singing to somebody. Pia is just trying to show off. Go back to slums biatch.

  15. Fucpius – You came along a week too late — where were you when I had an entire family barraging with me insults because I made fun of vibrato Pia? I could have used the help. I love the anger in your voice — the disdain — the meaness — it’s the kind of comment I love to get.


  16. you ppl have no idea what you are talking about; AT ALL! yur just a bunch of little girls who dont find yourself ‘appealed’ to her as yu would lets say stefano. she has THE MOST powerful voice out of the whole compitition, and should of won. Randy, Steven, and Jennifer were (as yu might of saw) GREATTTTLLYYYY shocked that pia got voted off and would of saved her in a heart beat. and no, its not only the 3 judges who are millionares and there JOB is to find ppl who sing good (hence: they LOVED PIA) but she was the first 2011 idol to be signed and get a record deal bc jimmy ivene and interscope records thought she was great also, so seriously GET LIVES!! nd suck on tht<33

  17. you guys do not understand how awnsome pia is . the judes asked the produsers to let her stay on. they sayed no .randed had a big fit about her leaving .and even stefona was shocked . SO however thinks she sucks ur SOOOOOO STUPID . i mean come on she still has record deals

  18. ohhh and for all of you saying “pia can only sing ballets”. haha well, yur wrong! check out youtube, and type in her new song ‘shake her down’. its HER SONG (ORIGANAL) and its UP TEMPO! so.. yu were wrongg.

  19. @Vanessa I just heard that song. Not only was it auto-tuned to death, but I could not press stop fast enough. If her voice was any higher in pitch, one could confuse her for a banshee – LOL.

    Also, can Pia dance? And I am not talking Britney Spears dancing. I am talking Missy Elliot and Janet Jackson dancing. If she can’t, she should not be doing these fast beats cause she will not be able to deliver the song when it comes to performing live.

    Ask yourself this question. If she is so good, why are they rushing to release an Album? It is not like her voice is going to vanish. The only reason she is putting out a single this fast is so that the record company can squeeze whatever $ they can from her current public exposure. Like many other idols before her, the popularity will fade. “Talent without substance does not captivate” (Some guy from YT).

    Lastly, I notice the video has been out for a month, yet it only has 13,000 plus views. Doesn’t Pia have 125,000 followers on Twitter? Hmmm

  20. It’s not so much “can she dance” as it is “can she sing” LOL — none of the superstars can sing when they do their stuff onstage. Have you ever heard the Britany live microphone thing where you can hear how she actually sounds through the mic during a big dance number — it;s hilarious — it’s all lip synching. I think it’s on YouTube. Anyway, like I said in my story, she sounded like someone who was being burned alive in a fire. I think it’s okay that she’s trying to cash in on her fame and she is makiung that movie with Stefano Langone — anyone would do that. The only way she can ever become fanous is to keep herself relevant and by releasing an album she is doing that. But the truth is that practically everyone from AI goes on to be a nobody — ‘cept for a few.

  21. i just heard pia sing on dancing withthe stars and i am seeing how she really has no connection with the audience bland she seems to hit some notes but she is dull and know i understand why she was booted off AI. Good Riddance to PIA DWTS sucks stoo its soo long and drawn out i cant sit and watch it for that long and most of the falls and slips and accidents are fake. All to get atten tion. WHo cares…

  22. pia’s record will bomb becasue she is boring and girls/guys today dont want to worship and buy records from a chic who sings old songs, cant dance, cant dress,(dresses like ms i wanna be a pageant winner) and has zero spunkiness or cool factor. She carries herself too old. At least the reggae chic they got rid of early on the sho was cool and got out there and had great dance moves and had a cool attitude(fun)/ and playful style.

    Pia has the style and attitude of a 50yo.

  23. Well, the fact that she can’t sing is a given to all those who don’t have vibrators stuck up their arses. I heard her do a real a cappella and man did she suck. All her YT a cappellas are fake cause it is so obvious she manipulates the mic. Anyways, whenever I saw her sing on TV, she was so freaking boring. It was like sh*t girl can you move your ass and do something. I think Apple.De.Ap said it best, “she sung to Tina Turner but didn’t dance” lol.

    Then she tried to attach herself to that Glee girl Charice in the hope of gaining her fans. Now, I just saw a YT vid of this chick singing Telephone live! This girl killed it with her voice and stage presence (no stupid autotune too). Not even Gaga sings this song live (lol). And here Miss Prissy wants to do a duet with her? Give me a break, that girl will blow her out of the water! I guess that must have been initiated by FOX to increase her public exposure just like her dating that guy from DWTS. Two weeks after dating, she performs on the show? Ok, what is wrong with this picture? Guess that Hollywood couch has been put to good use once again – haha.

    For what it is worth, the AI fans (and I despise AI for the record) have spoken, yet the music machinery keeps on promoting this useless Biatch! It is beyond insane! If she produces an Album, I will be surprised if it goes anywhere. As for this movie thingy, is that a speaking or mannequin role (lol)?

  24. Well — you kinda can’t blame her for trying to get famous — I mean, when will she get another chance like this one? VIBRATO!!!!!!


  25. PIA TOSCANO IS THE MOST AMAZING SINGER ON THIS PLANET! Why are you hating on a girl with a dream? That is so selfish and rude, and you are just doing this because you are jealous and you know you will NEVER BE AS TALENTED AS HER!

  26. Well I hate you! If you think Pia is bad, GO SIT IN A CORNER! 🙁

  27. I wrote about the big Hollywood movie she is doing with Stefano. I don’t hate her — I think she stinks.

  28. I am finally glad someone said it!!! Yes she is like every other singer out there, not originality, no directions. And well DDM i want you to know, she is like every other girl from Howard Beach, Queens, NY. If you know the girls out there and what their like then you will know she is exactly like them, full of herself, thinking she is better then everyone else, and shes not, look closely.. she needs a nose job, if your gonna act like your better then every one then get your nose fixed, oh and your right lazy eye.. Also don’t go out with guys for 4yrs then make a fool of them. Thats terrible, this girl was prepped since she was young with her home studio and all, to be famous, its all about status in HB and it sucks.


  30. Whoops! You mean, “you’re just jealous of her.” Learn that your and you’re mean two different things.

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