American Idol “All BY Myself” The real writer of the song.


“All By Myself” — the song that made a smash tonight for Pia Toscano was not “written” by Eric Carmen — he totally ripped off the song from the compser Sergei Rachmaninoff who wrote the theme in the early part of the 20th century.   Just about every hit song Erik Carmen had back in the 70s was a ripped from somebody else’s great work.  

Eric Carmen was recently arrested for drunk driving in Ohio and he’s had so much plastic surgery that it might be a good idea if he stayed ALL BY HIMSELF for a few years.   The photo is his mugshot.

12 thoughts on “American Idol “All BY Myself” The real writer of the song.

  1. Did you read the story, you frigging idiot? Obviously you didn’t because it was about how Eric Carmen did NOT write the song. Learn how to read, you fucking idiot.

  2. He wrote the song…he just used parts of another song. He is a great songwriter and an amazing person. He is a really nice guy and he wouldn’t go around posting things about people as you are. His looks? You want to go there? Really? Well, I think he looks great and he isn’t going to be alone at all. I think you sound like an angry and jealous person. Eric is a person way out of your league.

  3. The entire song is an adaptation — not just parts. I am not jealous of him — the sure way to know the people I am jealous of is to note who I never mention– except for Macaulay Culkin — he’s okay in my book. Eric is indeed out of my league — I have never had a DUI or a facelift…….or a hit song or a DUI or a facelift. LOL

  4. I think he is gorgeous and sexy. He had a DUI… big deal. I am sure you have never driven after some drinks…right? I know I have and so have my friends. Most people have done that in their lives. We just haven’t gotten caught. Eric has been in music a long time and he was never one to get in trouble. He was going through some really tough personal times and he made a poor choice. Like I said…who hasn’t done that. Give him a break. He is a sweet and caring man and an amazing father. He has a heart of gold and more talent than we could ever dream of having. I am proud to know him and very proud of the person he is.

  5. NO — I have not driven after a “couple of drinks” — don’t tell me what “everybody” does because everybody does not — and sorry for his personal problems but what about the personal problems he might have caused were he to kill somebody while he drove VERY drunk. Only an idiot apologizes for a drunk driver because one day, when you or your kid gets t-boined by one, you’ll change your tune.

  6. I never made an apology for him. I just said you don’t know what was going on. I also think your comments about his looks were uncalled for. He looks great and is an awesome person. I am very happy to know him.

  7. Is it any different from every effing rapper “sampling” aka ripping off another song that someone else has already written?

  8. Somebody is jealous of Eric. Not only that, NASTY and SURLY and a miserable human being. You just WISH you were Eric. That ain’t gonna happen.

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