Mike Huckabee bashes Natalie Portman — she deserves it!

Natalie Portman may have won an Oscar this week, but Mike Huckabee  isn’t a fan — and he is totally right to bash her

In an interview with conservative radio host Michael Medved, the former Arkansas governor and potential 2012 presidential hopeful slammed Portman for glamorizing unwed pregnancy.  She deserved it.

Portman is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, a choreographer (hmmm)  whom she met on the set of “Black Swan.” Her critically lauded performance in the film made her a staple on the red carpet this award season, culminating in her Academy Award win for Best Actress on Sunday.  But she forgot that you just don’t have sex and make babies without thinking of the responsibility that having a child brings.

These people just screw  like drunk crack heads and they have these throwaway kids that they hand off to nannies and then the kids grow up to be drug addicts and losers.  This is why low-lifes should not have money.  There is nothing so reckless as a low-life with money.

 Just because you’re famous and you have an Oscar. you shouldn’t go around humping without concern.  That’s what  trashy people do. 

Huckabee is 100% right to bash her.

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