Kevin Bacon Looks Old.

Kevin Bacon looks old and his head is getting very long and stretched out.  His nose is getting more pushed up and he is starting to look like a Halloween mask.  His pants never fit him right and he looks like he has horrible breath.  His hair is always messy and he looks like white trash.

My father is a gay cop and he said all these things about Kevin Bacon to his friend when my mother left the room to go get chips and dip.

Signed: Crystal-Gayle  Emmigiano 

Long Valley, New Jersey Elemntary School – Grade 5, age 10.

2 thoughts on “Kevin Bacon Looks Old.

  1. Kevin is still awesome even as a real old dude. He’s also extremely intelligent and he’s an Atheist! Kevin is also a badazz bass guitar player. Rock on Kevin!

  2. You know I hate atheists, don’t you? Kevin Bacon looked great in Friday The 13th. After that he was just another guy.

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