Charlie Sheen out: Jon Cryer Has No Talent.

With Charlie Sheen all screwed up and the sitcom Two And A Half Men being cancelled because of Charlie Sheen’s justifiable anger at Hollywood bigwigs who gave him alcoholism and druggism,  people in Hollywood are suddenly realizing that Jon Cryer has no talent.

“The current situation is very bad for Jon Cryer,” said producer Tyler Bennington, whose real name is Hyman Roth Goldberg.

“Right now Cryer might get some jobs because he is seen as kind of a martyr and a few of us might stand by him just to spite Sheen, but overall Cryer has no talent and we see him going on as a Steve Lawrence impersonator in the Branson, Missouri, big stage production of  “Steve and Eydie” but other than that, he doesn’t have a shot.”

“The right thing to do would be for us to give him another show or let the show continue with another actor but in the end all we care about is the money and Cryer will not bring in the gold like Sheen does.  If Cryer was a dog we would send him to the ASPCA and hope that he gets adopted.”

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