Reporter stroke UPDATE!

A Los Angeles reporter who mysteriously spewed gibberish during a live report at the Grammys has sparked wild speculation as to what caused her bizarre speech problem.

Experts have spoken out through various news outlets, all offering up theories based solely on watching the brief, 20-second clip which aired Sunday night.

Dr. Larry Goldstein, director of Duke Stroke Center in Durham, North Carolina, called the clip “scary” on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“She appears to have aphasia,” he said. She clearly has a “problem with expressive language, and right-sided facial weakness. Although this can be caused by other conditions, it is very concerning for stroke.”

Dr. Dawn Kleindorfer, associate professor of neurology at the University of Cincinnati‘s College of Medicine, said on the morning show that Branson needs to be diligent and get examined by a doctor.

“If her symptoms lasted less than 24 hours, it’s possible she had a transient ischemic attack or it could have been a complicated migraine,” she said. “But either way, I would always recommend that people get checked out to be sure.”

Symptoms of a transient ischemic attack (TIA), according to the American Heart Association, include sudden numbness in the face, arm or leg on one side of the body, confusion and trouble speaking or understanding, as well as trouble seeing and dizziness. They generally last only a brief period of time and don’t often cause permanent damage, but could indicate a more serious problem in the future.

“This is what we call a classic neurological event,” Dr. Keith Black, the chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, told NBC’s “Today” show. “She was obviously aware she was having difficulty.”

The local CBS station for which Branson works was strangely silent about the issue until Monday afternoon, when speculation and false reports about the Emmy-nominated journalist being hospitalized spread across the Internet.

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  1. Strangely enough, this happens to me frequently! Maybe a DNA test is in order for this human to determine possible E.T. Heritage? Xxx

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