Eminem — does he have a thyroid problem?

Eminem lost a lot of weight recently and his eyes are bulging out of their sockets, so tongues are wagging that he might be suffering from some kind of thyroid disease.

Closer photos of Eminem’s bulging eyes here —->D-thyroid Eminem Pics

“Graves disease is a definitely possibility where Eminem in concerned,” said Dr. Winifred Hartunis, the mother of Special Investigator Sheldon Hartunis.

Graves disease occurs when the body produces unusual antibodies that attack and inflame the thyroid gland.  Symptoms are usually weight loss despite a huge appetite, inability to tolerate heat, tremors, sweating and a swelling behind the orbit of the eye called Exophthalmic Goiter.

Does Eminem have it?  Only hid doctor knows for sure.  It’s very treatable but once the eyes bug out, there is very little that can be done to fix that look.  There are some plastic surgeons who have worked on this aspect of Grave’s but with limited success.

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