Psychiatrists say, “The Super Bowl is gay”

“The super bowl is gay.” or so says the American Psychiatric Institute in Palmyra, New York, USA.

Several doctors have done a study over the years and the conclusion is that over 40% of Super Bowl watchers are either gay or secretly gay.

“It’s a release for the closet gays with wives and kids,” said Dr. Winchell Burtonne.  “Football is suuposed to be a masculine sport, but after a five-year study, we have come to the conclusion that it is very gay oriented and marketers are catching up with that trend by using the angle of funny commercials.

“Gays and women love the commercials but when we surveyed over 5,000 men who call themselves exclusively heterosexual, 57% said that they thought the commercials were “fabulous.”

“There are straight men who like musical theater and there are gay men who like football, but the tables are tilted.   Many men love the Super Bowl because they get to be with other men in the closest thing they can get to a gay bar without having to go to one.  These men are usually tough on the exterior — bodybuilders and cops and things like that, but this is their Halloween.   The Super Bowl party is a kind of drag show. ”

Anyone who wished to participate in the study next year is asked to contact Dr. Burtonne.

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