Jimmy Buffett Condition could be very critical.

AFTER singing “It’s been a lovely cruise, I’m sorry it’s ended” singer Jimmy Buffett crashed off the stage after his final Sydney concert last night and was rushed to hospital with a head injury.

Shocked fans at the sell-out concert at the Hordern Pavilion were urged to leave the auditorium by Buffett’s Australian tour manager Michael Chugg as the 64-year-old entertainer lay on the floor in front of the first row of seating waiting for paramedics and an ambulance to arrive.  It was not known if Buffet fell off accidentally or if he collapsed and fell from the stage.  In either case fans on the scene were hurries offf and several said that it didn’t look good.

“His face was planed on the ground and he was not moving,” said one fan.  “They pushed us out frantically and Jimmy was just lying there.”

He was rushed to Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, in Darlinghurst, thirty minutes after the accident, but his condition has not been released — never a good sign as far as the Australian hospital system goes.

“I think he dropped and then fell,” said another worried fan who was visiting after a 200 mile drive.  “He was lying there like he had fallen from a 20 story building.  It was awful.”

Neither Chugg nor his assistant David Pope would comment on Buffett’s condition at the scene but an audience member said it appeared the entertainer had struck his head and was bleeding as he lay on the floor.

Chugg took the stage and insisted anxious fans leave immediately with security hustling the audience outside before the ambulance arrived.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett Condition could be very critical.

  1. he did not colapse and fall he missed the edge of the stage and steped off falling face first into the concrete below.

  2. First reports and quotes go up and once they are up they stay up — his status was updated in later reports less than an hour later. That’s how news works.

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