The Fountain Lady — asshole.


Fountain Lady, who became an Internet sensation last week after walking into a mall fountain while texting, said on Good Morning America Thursday that she might sue the mall where she fell.

I guess malls have to plan ahead for visitors who abstain from watching where they’re walking.

Fountain Lady’s lawyer told ABC News he intends to “hold the responsible parties accountable” for the incident, though it’s unclear whether this references that no railing prevented her from falling in the fountain, that nobody responded to the incident after she fell or that a video of her fall was released.

But it turns out that “Fountain Lady,” also known as Cathy Cruz Marrero, faces legal charges herself – charges even more serious than assuming that pedestrians can avoid large structures on pathways.Marrero was charged in late 2009 with running up bills of more than $5,000 on a coworker’s credit account at Target and Zales, according to ABC News. She was supposed to repay the money but never did, and will appear in court for sentencing in April.

We can only hope her lawyer will give her a two-for-one discount.

Meanwhile, Fountain Lady is complaining that none of the mall staff helped her out of the fountain or even asked her if she was okay.

Regardless of whether this is grounds for legal action, there is no denying that the video is still hilarious.

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