Bill O’Reilly Anti-Italian-American Slurs.

Bill O’Reilly has a problem with Italian-Americans and he proves it about twice a year. 

Today he proved it with the intro to his show. 

The FBI busted a bunch of Mafia types and as a the intro to his show, O’Reilly used stereotypical images of Italian-Americans as they appear on The Sopranos.

O’Reilly seemed to derive pleasure when a colleague ran off the names and nicknames  of some of those arrested.  He especially liked the nick-names “Meatball” and “Car Wash.”

Afterwards, Bill went on to say that Bobby Kennedy was the reason why the Mafia lost a lot of its strength.   

Bobby Kennedy was one of the biggest scum bags in history and he was too busy fucking Marilyn Monroe to worry about the mob, but in O’Reilly’s potato famine mind, the world is still full of good Irish cops who walk the beat and protect the world from greasy Italians.

He has done this before — praising the Kennedy’s and blasting Frank Sinatra — a man who has never been proven to be connected to the Mafia.    As a non Italian-American, it’s easy for me to see what a blatant Italian basher O’Reilly has been over the years. 

We here at the DamienZone think that O’Reilly still refers to Italian-Americans as Guineas and Greaseballs — he oughta apologize for that intro to his show and his subsequent jokes about Meatballs.

2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Anti-Italian-American Slurs.

  1. That is one of the lousiest, racist, nastiest, disgusting display of T-Shirts that I have ever seen in my life. “And Speaking for all the Italian-Americans that shirt should be permanently banned!!!
    I myself being An Italian American as of Sicilian Heritage!!! Must Say Your Sight you should be ashamed of yourselves to even put something like that on there!!!!!

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