Baby Doc Duvalier returns to Haiti.

Baby Doc Duvalier has returned to Haiti  “To help with the reconstruction” — isn’t he a little late?   He literally waited until the dust settled and then some because there’s gold in them there hills now — charity money — and he never met a bank account he couldn’t loot.

My best guest is that he’s broke and there are a lot of people who owe him for one thing or another and some of these people might have their fingers on the pile of money  that has poured into Haiti since the earthquake.  He wants to be President now because there is now monay to steal.

The people in Port-au-Prince are all still living under tarps and Baby Doc and his father are most of the reason they were under tarps before the earthquake.  

With all these tarp people, it’s safe to say that a lotta that loot is still holed up somewhere and there ain’t no way that Baby Doc is getting back on that Air France jet until he’s stolen a big chunk of it, and part of stealing will be trying to get himself elected as president — he is that scummy and the people are that needy that they might fall for his line of ballshit.

Haiti deserves better than this.

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