Ron Reagan junior — Alzheimer’s book.

Yes I know he is not a junior because for years he has tried as hard as anyone could to say make it known that he was not a junior.

To me he has always been a real jerk because he’s a sanctimonious little ballerina.  He has done nothing but badmouth his father for years and years but now that he is trying to sell a book, he says nice things — LOSER!

Here is my instant analysis of why he is a shit heel.  He was the son of the President of The USA during a very cool time for music and movies (as corny as it all looks now) but he was homely and uncool.    He was not the sexy, hot son of the US President, and that made him a jerk.  If he had been goodlooking like Charles and Diana’s two sons, he wouldn’t have had to be such an asshole.   So there you go.  Mystery solved.

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