Suzanne Somers new diet — baloney!!!!!

It appears every year in January: the latest in Diet Books are released as everyone is thinking of weight loss and health.   The newest fake fad useless diet book is Sexy Forever, written by that great actress — that Lady Macbeth of drama — Suzanne Somers.   Remember when she did the Thigh-Master commercials back in the 80s and then had about a hundred lipos and face-lifts ever since?  She doesn’t even look like Chrissy anymore.

Sexy Forever is Somers’ online program (there is also a companion book), and is stated to be a comprehensive plan for women over 40 and will help them look and feel their best.

Of course,  it’s just a stupid book aimed at gullible folks with fat and insomnia who fall for every fad that some old has been hag actress tries to sell them at 4am while the rest of the world is sleeping.

Somer’s book has all kinds of tests for made up things like toxicity in the body and imbalances and all the other stuff that is backed up by absolutely no medical science.  In a way, Somers might even be more dopey than J.J. Virgin — read my article about her — — this kind of crap makes me sick.

Anyway, for $4:00 a week, you will get all of Somers online crap and it won’t do you any good.  You will stay fat and miserable because you’ll be out of 4 bucks a week and you will still be a tun of lard. 

If you want to lose weight, then you should check out some of the links on this page because they are reliable sources and not fad fake diets.   You lose weight when you eat sensibly and get whatever exercise your doctor recommends.

Remember — Suzanne Somers is an actress and a bullshit artist

2 thoughts on “Suzanne Somers new diet — baloney!!!!!

  1. Not so sure that she is TOTALLY full of shit. She takes gluten, dairy and sugar out of the diet. Doctors don’t do that. My Doctor knows less about nutrition, diet and exercise then me! After learning what to eat in Med school 400 years ago he seems to have stopped studying.

    Food is a business and adults are still told to drink milk because this business of making money counts on people to purchase it to keep dairy farms farming and the factories going and people working..not because it’s really actually good for anyone over the age of 5 years old. Everyone is so brainwashed!

    I heard SS say “If you can’t pick it, shoot it, pluck it or grow it, you shouldn’t eat it”

    I am not saying SS is not trying to make money but I do think that she is trying to bring awareness to people who still think eating whole wheat bread and drinking milk is good for you. I appreciate SOMEONE looking into alternatives rather than continuing down the road of the food pyramid from 1950whatever the hell … This 43 year old skiing, snowboarding and longboarding athlete appreciates another voice. Be well. KH

  2. First of all, you do not know more about diet and exercise than your doctor — trust me. Your doctor probably senses that you have doctor animosity and therefore he probably gives you the bum’s rush. Doctors do not stop studying after they are out of medical school — as a matter of fact they get smarter as they get older because most of medicine is experienced rather than learned. A good doctor. and most are, can tell just by looking at you what your life habits are — trust me on that. Yes, there are dumb doctors but I hear so many people claim that their doctor didn’t know this or that — eventually the law of averages weigh against that kind of kookiness.

    Nutrition is a dopey word. My grandmother knew how to feed me and she was a little old lady with a high school diploma from a convent school.

    Gluten Intolerance is a disease — a real disease. It is not some kind of fad. Your doctor understands the inner workings of this disease. SS treats these things like fads — you can DIE from Celiac disease even after you stop eating gluten because, as your doctor knows, there are other physiological things in the works besides the celiac disease itself.

    Milk has vitamin D added thanks to the US Govt’s smart thinking way back when kids did not get enough Vitamin D and got all kinds of diseases related to that deficiency. It’s more than just rickets. People have been drinking milk for 50,000 years. You want to change the world?

    My distaste for Suzanne began way back when she started turning a buck off of her breast tumor. As soon as the stitches in her lumpectomy were out, she pushed out a silly breast cancer diet book. That was about as low as anyone can go. She’s had so much plastic surgery and she is naturally pretty — thankfully her cancer did not return –but what about all the plain Janes with advanced cancer who bought her book but eventually died from their disease?

    C’mon — do you think I make shit like this up to be funny? She is using her star power to make money because she can’t get any acting jobs. Okay — she needs to earn a living, but don’t bullshit genuinely ill people about why you look the way you look and say that it’s wholesome eating. It’s freaking plastic surgery and good lighting and TONS of makeup. Don’t be a sucker — that really annoys me. If you have half a brain you know what to eat and what not to eat. You don’t need The Bride Of Frankenstein to prepare your meals. The main thing you should take away from my response is that you are NOT smarter than your doctor — you think you are — and that’s why he/she probably doesn’t like you. Take my word for it.

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