San Francisco hit by 4.1 earthquake.

The city by the bay was rocked at 4:10 PST by a 4.1 magnitude quake that was centered 13 miles southeast of downtown San Jose.

“We were sitting in a local bar and the diet coke vibrated right out of my hand,” said local customer  Dana DeJohn as he sat in his car outside of Billy’s Cafe and Grill in downtown San Jose. 

“It felt like a jackhammer was going at full blast and it lasted for about 20 seconds.  Nothing in the bar got broken or anything like that but the TV reception was bad and now they have a truck here to fix a cable that came loose.

“Those things make me nervous,” continued the relocated Iowan.  “I came here to work in the software business but right now I am pretty shook up.  This is my third quake in 16 years.  I might go back to Des Moines and work at my dad’s filling station.”

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