Out of control tow truck destroys Bill Cosby’s parked SUV on Brooklyn Street.



Tuesday, December 28th 2010, 12:37 PM

A tow truck was caught on camera destroying an SUV that turned out to belong to actor/comic Bill Cosby who was in Brooklyn Heights, NY visiting his elderly Uncle Cyril Cosby on the event of his 99th birthday.
A YouTube video showing a city tow truck crunching the parked SUV in snowbound Brooklyn went viral Tuesday with nearly 200,000 people watching the clip in a few hours, but nobody knew that the SUV belonged To Bill Cosby who had left it htere the previous evening and opted for car service nack to his hotel when snowfall had piled up.

The wild caught-on-tape slam-a-thon shows a stuck front-end loader bashing into the parked vehicle as a tow truck tries to yank it out of a snowy parking spot.

The yellow snow-mover careened into the Ford Explorer, then struck it several more times as it lurched out of the spot.

On the way out, the plow crashed into the window of the SUV, and also sideswiped another parked car.

The video, which was shot out an aparmtment window, was taken on Monday morning just hours after the snow stopped and the blizzard moved away from the city.

A person speaking on Bill Cosby’s behalf spoke to TheDamienZone.

“Bill finds this to be amusing in a reckless kind of way , but he admires the guy who shot the video.   

Bill Cosby was not available for comment when called at his New York hotel.

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