Accoring to Princess Lay-ya, or however the fuck you spell her name, actress  Carrie Fisher, daughter of the recently planted Eddie Fisher and over-rated song and dance, Branson, Missouri end table, Debbie Reynolds, has come out of the closet for John Travolta. 

“I saw the magazine on the shelf and realized that it was now official that John Travolta was gay, ” said fat housewife Ginny Falcone as she browsed the end caps at her local WalMart.  “Anybody with a brain would have known that his close friendship with Barbara Stanwyck back in his early days was a dead giveaway.  Only a real homo would hang around with Barbara Stanwyck back when that old bag was on her last days.”

We have to keep an open mind because we all know that Carrie Fisher admitted to her own booze and drug soaked life in her book, “Postcards From The Edge.”    So maybe she was drinking and playing on the internet into the wee hours of the morning, but since the Barbara Stanwyck friendship was for real and he did kiss that guy when he was getting on the plane — is John Travolta Gay?  Princess muffin ears says he is,  Some friend Carrie Fisher turned out to be!!!!!

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