Weather lady, Heidi Jones lied.

She was often wrong about the weather and now it comes out that she also lied about being sexually assaulted.   She told police that a man tried to rape her on November 24th but it seems as though the barometer on that story is starting to fall.

After police went on a wild goose chase to find the man, Jones admitted to making up the whole story — and she also admitted to lying about a pending blizzard.

“She lied about the blizzard so she could get one day of Christmas shopping to herself,” said the psycho weather lady’s shrink.  “What’s the big deal?  The New York Times makes up stories all the time and nobody bothers them for chrissakes.”

What’s odd is that ABC’s most famous weatherman, Tex Antoine, was fired after 30 years with ABC for making a joke about a rape during a live broadcast back in the 1980s.  He died alone and penniless not long afterwards.  They didn’t find his booze-soaked corpse for weeks. 

Because ABC news online people are real bitches, I can’t send you this story in its entirety, but I can fuck up the facts just to fuck over ABC —  those assholes.  They deserve a psycho weather ladybecause they haven’t had a good broadcaster since Roger Grimsby was banging Pia Lindstrom.

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