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It has been reported in Ontario, Canada that trotting racehorses are being euthanized at birth because recent legislation has virtually wiped out the industry of harness racing in that Province.  The Damien Zone has, in the past, expressed a lot of displeasure with the harness racing industry but this one pretty much puts the nail in the casket.  This business of racing horses is really disgusting.  It ranks right up there with dog fighting and bull fighting.  If this is true, it’s

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Giorgio Tsoukalos is an ancient astronaut. You should see him shirtless.

Giorgio Tsoukalos’ Mysterious Hair Created By Ancient Astronauts. UPI VIENNA: Doctors at the Austrian Insititute for Ancient Alien Visitation in Vienna have taken hair samples from ancient astronaut expert Giorgio Tsoukalos’ head and determined that Tsoukalos is definitely part human and part alien or part something unknown.  DNA samples suggest a relation to another man who was seen only once on a ski slope in Aspen — a man-creature of some sort who quickly vanished over a mountain top when he realized that

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Pauly D is getting FAT. Pauly D Weight Gain alarms diet doctor.

Pauly D, the buff Jersey Shore DJ is getting as fat as a house.  He recently showed up at a celebrity event all fat and puffy — his eyes were all puffed up and swollen because he has gained over 30 pounds — he claims (liar) it’s muscle from lifting weights like crazy. “You don’t get a double chin and big fat eye bags from lifting weights,” said nutritional physician and body sculpting surgeon Dr. Dean Traherne MD of the Traherne

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Why I switched to Geico – A letter from a reader.

Recently a reader sent me a copy of a letter that he had sent to his car insurance company in New Jersey.  We’ve all seen the Geico gecko commercials, and the average person might think that Geico is some cheapo company, but actually, it’s been around since 1936 and it’s a very solid company.  Your solid as a rock insurance carrier might have you believe that Geico is a “fly by night” company — and while there certainly are “fly

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“I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay” Facebook thing – FAKE! HOAX!

WRITER’S NOTE:  THE ESSAY PICTURED ON THE RIGHT IS MY FEEBLE ATTEMPT AT MOCKING THE ACTUAL LETTER WRITTEN BY THE “BRAVE GAY BOY” WHO DOESN’T REALLY EXIST!  IT’S HOW I IMAGINE THE ESSAY SHOULD LOOK. [Damien LeGallienne] Just when I was finally content with the knowledge that nothing could ever be as grotesquely maudlin as the white trash CB Radio trucker Christmas song about the “Poor Little Crippled Boy,”  god went and struck me down by bringing along something a

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Keith Olbermann was gone, a new host had replaced him, and history seemed to have repeated itself with his dismissal from Current TV after less than a year.   Olberman was taken away by security guards at the Current TV offices and his desk was put in the parking lot along with boxes of his personal items.    He had to be carted away to Dr. Dean Traherne MD – a local psychiatrist, who admitted Olberamnn into an undisclosed nuthouse where, dressed as a

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Mega Millions Jackpot numbers lead to Violence and DEATH in New Jersey!

Flora Vawn Butlers, 88, was nearly butchered to death last night in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (USA) by  her best friend Velma Cruthers 82, when Cruthers noticed that a few of Flora’s Mega Millions lottery tickets had some numbers that matched the numbers on her tickets.  She was so enraged that she picked up a meat cleaver and started hacking away at her friend until Flora’s sceams alerted a neighbor who burst into the home and restrained the attacker. “She stole my numbers

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AOL mail is down today because AOL SUCKS!

If you are trying to access your AOL.com mail — forget it — it doesn’t work.  AOL is currently not working and one wonders when the day will finally come when this relic of the internet packs it in for good.   AOL is now a slave to Huffington and the once giant of internet email is now a sad vestige of its former self. I urge all AOL people who cling to that old email address to simply drop it and

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