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Kirstie Alley: Short of breath on Dancing With The Stars.

“It was worrisome to watch Dancing With The Stars competitor Kirstie Alley take so long to get her breath back after a rather easy dance routine.” said a Dr. Sheldon Hartunis, a Beverly Hills Sports Medical doctor.  She might be too old to be doing this and carrying all that weight too.”

“Kirstie was still very breathless after nearly three minutes of rest following her dance routine and I am inclined to believe that she may not be physically fit for this show.  Dancing is very aerobic but if you aren’t getting enough air, even after months of rehearsals, it’s time to slow down and have things checked out.”

Kirstie did seem out of breath for quite some time after her routine.  She’s well over fifty and she’s fat — do they make these “celebrities” get a full physical before they are put through this meat grinder dance thing?

UPDATE!!!  Kirstie is 60 — this show could kill her!

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  1. Wow, very good for her! She’ll most likely always be down and up, but for now she’s looking perfect

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