Gwyneth Paltrow sucks! Gwyneth Paltrow speaks Spanish like a retard!

In recent episodes of the always sickening show GLEE, Gwyneth tries to show off her bilingual-ness by speaking Spanish, but look closer at the increasingly sickening Paltrow’s lips when she speaks.  It’s dubbed and lip synched and looped and whatever the fuck else she has to do to make it look like she can put a Spanish sentence together.

We here at TheDamienZone assume that it is her own voice, but she has to run the frigging dialogue through a studio and then dub it because she speaks Spanish about as clearly as Charo speaks English. 

“She is a vain and pushy broad,” said a source close to all the gay guys who watch Glee. 

“Her Spanish is almost as retarded and fake as Jackie Kennedy’s French, but she goes over the lines in a studio for about a month and then lip synch’s them or they get looped in when the show is in final production.  Everybody hates her and Los Angela’s Bodegas, even the average dirty ones that smell like poop and pine-Sol will not sell her plantains or those tiny Puerto-Rican bananas that make no sense.”

Just when you thought that you couldn’t be more sick of Gwyneth Paltrow, she does something to make you more sick of her.  No wonder Brad Pitt dumped her.  She is sickening and she does not really speak Spanish.  She barely speaks English without sounding like she just strained to shit out a hard piece of poop from all the foo-foo shitty things she eats —- UGH SHE IS SO GLEEFULLY GROSS!