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Michelle Obama Invites Ghetto “poet” Common To The White House.

I am getting so sick of this urban junk rap being served up for public consumption as art and poetry — it’s neither, and now we’re being further de-evolutionized culturally by Michelle Obama’s decidedly unsophisticated and ghetto-minded tastes in art and poetry — or perhaps the kind of poetry she wants to push along probably because she doesn’t understand real poetry.  It’s a verbal mess of nothingness and illiteracy — but Michelle Obama thinks it’s cool to be ghetto so

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Insiders tell the truth about: The Schwarzenegger – Shriver Divorce.

Ahhhhh-nuld Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are calling it quits after a 25 year marriage.  Maria says that she is sick of Arnold’s womanizing and his outrageous ego, and Arnold fears that Maria will shrivel up into a wrinkled Kennedy prune just like her mother Eunice and all her aunts — except Rosemarie who had her brain removed and  was put in a nuthouse by Maria’s grandfather Joe. “Arnold likes young women but he started to see the Kennedy oldness creeping

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Osama Bin Laden watched Dancing With The Stars.

“Dancing With The Stars was Osama’s favorite show,” said Abdallah Bin Kalid, one of Bin Laden’s TV repairmen who worked frequently on the 12 inch RCA black and white TV that Osama watched for the six years prior to his death. “He really liked watching that show and just before he died he asked me if maybe I could get him a color set so that he could get a better look at Ralp Macchio’s toupee.  He loved The Karate

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Bob Barker Near Death?

According to THE GLOBE — a very reliable Nobel Prize winning publication, game show legend Bob Barker is near death.  However, he can go on living if he guesses the time of his death without going over. 

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Kentucky Derby 2011 Best Bet — Master of Hounds.

MASTER OF HOUNDS is a good choice for anyone who makes a once-a-year wager on the Kentucky Derby. The globe-trotting Irishman with the purely American pedigree arrived in Louisville from Shannon, County Clare Ireland on Tuesday morning coming off a very strong second in Dubai at The World Cup in late March. For people who factor in ‘the dosage” — as any smart handicapper should — Master of Hounds  at 1.07 has perhaps the best Derby “dosage” in decades — the ideal

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Osama Bin Laden – Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder.

According to his wife, (the one with the hole in her leg)  Osama Bin Laden never left the third floor of his cinder-block shit-house for six years.  He never went out and he never talked to people and he lived his entire life online.  He traveled around with a doctor who treated him for an imaginary kidney ailment.    Sound familiar?   Well, if you are a person who suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and/or Panic Disorder and agoraphobia, you pretty much

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Pakistan Is Our Biggest Enemy

One of three wives living with Osama bin Laden has told Pakistani interrogators she had been staying in the al-Qaida chief’s hideout for six years without leaving its upper floors, a Pakistani intelligence official said Friday. The woman, identified as Yemeni-born Amal Ahmed Abdullfattah, and the other two wives of bin Laden are being interrogated in Pakistan after they were taken into custody following the American raid on bin Laden’s compound in the town of Abbottabad.  The Pakistani’s will make

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Was Osama Bin Laden Armed? Who Cares?

Instead of sitting back and breathing in a sigh of relief that Osama Bin Laden is dead, the President of the USA and the average American must instead be annoyed by the cult of misfits in this fucking country who just don’t know how to not be misfits.  “What kind of idiots think that the most wanted terrorist in the world was holed up in a fortress and didn’t have weapons,” said Donald Freklierz of Park Hights, Utah, USA. “Why would a

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