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Keith Olbermann was gone, a new host had replaced him, and history seemed to have repeated itself with his dismissal from Current TV after less than a year.   Olberman was taken away by security guards at the Current TV offices and his desk was put in the parking lot along with boxes of his personal items.    He had to be carted away to Dr. Dean Traherne MD – a local psychiatrist, who admitted Olberamnn into an undisclosed nuthouse where, dressed as a

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Mega Millions Jackpot numbers lead to Violence and DEATH in New Jersey!

Flora Vawn Butlers, 88, was nearly butchered to death last night in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (USA) by  her best friend Velma Cruthers 82, when Cruthers noticed that a few of Flora’s Mega Millions lottery tickets had some numbers that matched the numbers on her tickets.  She was so enraged that she picked up a meat cleaver and started hacking away at her friend until Flora’s sceams alerted a neighbor who burst into the home and restrained the attacker. “She stole my numbers

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AOL mail is down today because AOL SUCKS!

If you are trying to access your AOL.com mail — forget it — it doesn’t work.  AOL is currently not working and one wonders when the day will finally come when this relic of the internet packs it in for good.   AOL is now a slave to Huffington and the once giant of internet email is now a sad vestige of its former self. I urge all AOL people who cling to that old email address to simply drop it and

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Jet Blue Pilot Had Alien Chip In His Head.

Jet Blue Pilot Had Alien Chip In His Head. He went nuts on a Jet Blue flight and had to be restrained by passengers.  He ranted and raved about terrorists and the plane being “taken down.”  The plane he was supposed to be piloting had to make an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas.  The co-pilot had to lock him out of the cockpit because he had a meltdown….but did he really? Did the Jet Blue pilot who lit up the news yesterday really

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Rachel Maddow Fired – Sue Simmons Leaving NBC To Take Over at MSNBC

“With Rachel Maddow you get a butchy looking hipster who acts more like a lesbian softball player than a reporter, but with Sue Simmons, you get something cable news never had — beauty, style, grace and the kind of experience that money cannot buy.” [Damien LeGallienne, 1 November 2014] [Limoges, France 2:31] –   One on-air personality is a young Hipster lesbian with a manly haircut who got her job by winning a radio call in show, and the other is a beautiful

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Facebook Etiquette: Things to know when you Facebook at 40.

“AGE IS JUST A NUMBER…THAT YOU KEEP TO YOURSELF!” [Damien LeGallienne for TheDamienZone.com] Facebook is here to stay and while I think it’s a diabolical time stealer, it has a purpose.    It’s nice to meet up again with old friends and family and it’s fun to catch up on old times, but there are pitfalls that can beleaguer many Facebookers who sign on after the age of 40.    You can make a lot of painful mistakes.  You can hurt your

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Geraldo Blames Hoodies – He is about 10% Right in the Trayvon case

Regarding the death of Trayvon Martin and the whole Geraldo hoodie thing — lemme say this about that: The old saying, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck,” no longer applies. I personally do not agree with Geraldo because I think that Zimmerman was looking for “action” but these days, the nicest kids you could ever want to know dress like they stepped out of Attica, and if even if they’re on their way home from

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Huffington Post Bias Screens Comments with Opposing Viewpoints.

If you ever have the misfortune of getting hooked into reading one of those dopey Huffington articles that you must dodge to get to your old and useless AOL address, you may have noticed something if you tried to comment on the message board that falls beneath each story. If you disagree with the Huff story, or your point of view is to the right of Huffington, you will notice that your comment will be “Pending Approval.”  In other words,

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