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Walmart Cashier Cash Back Scam Story is a HOAX!

The story that’s floating around Facebook about Walmart cashiers stealing your money via the “cash back” route is a complete hoax and it’s been around since 2004.   That is not to say that some cashiers are not crooked, but the cash back stories you’re starting to see on your face book “shares” are 100% fake. There are several incarnations of this story and about 90% of them involve accusations against Walmart employees and Walmart stores in general.  All states are

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Aledo Bearcats Charged With Bullying. Losing Parent Humiliates Losing Son in 91-0 Football game.

The other night a high school football team in Texas beat another team. The final score was 91-0. No, that is not a typo, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard about this from one of your kids or you read it in the press or you heard if from the fat guy next door who lives in his mom’s basement and always comes home with the KFC 20-pieces with 4 sides that he’s already started eating as

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Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Beat Maddow Big Time — and she’s gorgeous.

According to gossip in the world of TV news, the fact that Megyn Kelly’s newest Prime Time slot on Fox News has destroyed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in the ratings is causing great psychological damage to  MSNBC hostess who is rumored be in the middle of a mental breakdown — and if she isn’t, her boss certainly is. Phil Griffin — the sore-loser-president of MSNBC — is so angry about Rachel Maddow getting trounced in the ratings by Megyn Kelly‘s new

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Judge Andrew Napolitano Dyes His Hair. Stylists Baffled.

Fox News pundit and on air personality, Judge Andrew Napolitano, has gradually dyed his hair from its usual salt and pepper color to a new brownish-reddish-greyish color but nobody in the hair styling industry can seem to figure out exactly what color he has used. Whatever it is, the color and the texture and the low hairline make Judge Andrew look like a female to male transsexual. This writer at the following link got more photos of the judge and is

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Dot Jones from GLEE lights up the LGBT World – Announces Engagment to Bridgett Casteen.

Friday was Gay Day at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and GLEE fans all over the world were ecstatic to learn that Dot Marie Jones — “Coach Beist” from the mega hit show GLEE — had proposed to her longtime partner and companion Bridgett Casteen.  The couple have two gorgeous children from Bridgett’s previous marriage, and Dot’s got herself an instant family — even though she and Bridgett have been together for three years.   But now it’s offically official, and it was truly a magical day at

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Victorian Memorial Photography. Girl Standing Mystery Solved.

A photo has been circulating on the net, and in this photo — which is believed to be an example of Victorian Memorial photography — a young girl is shown standing next to a table dressed in a what appears to be a Confirmation dress with added rosary.  Some people say the girl in this photo is dead and others say she isn’t.  The truth is that she is indeed dead as her photo is very famous, albeit attached to

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Free Powerball and Free Horoscope Predictions – November 2013

Aries – You are not feeling well — look into that. The one you may need to have your blood pressure checked. Take care of your heart. Lucky Numbers: 09 16 48 42 38 02 Taurus – — Somebody has tried to trick you in a financial deal. Nothing has happened but becareful of a person with a named Robert or Vincent.  Lucky Numbers: 21 26 29 47 50 48 Gemini –  – If you have intention to buy a new household appliance, go to a a good store like

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Who is Lohanthony? Where are his parents?

“Where do you draw the line between the bully and the bullied,” asked psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Smith. “You wonder why you have bullying? Well, Lohanthony’s attitude and wildly sexually ambiguous behavior might frighten a lot of young and impressionable kids — boys especially. Fear and self-seeking are the building blocks of bully behavior and if a young kid is in a state of fear about his own identity, the last thing he’ll need is somebody like Lohanthony looming in his

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