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Mrs. Sinead O’Connor, the kindly old lady who lives down the lane.

In a gesture of goodwill, Mrs. Sinead O’Connor, the kindly fat Irish lady who lives down the lane, is going to have a free mutton dinner for all the people of her village — even Catholics.  “Nothing compares, NOTHING compares to a good Irish stew,” said a local villager as he ambled to Mrs. O’Connor’s house to get a reserved seat by the hearth. “She used to be such a scrawny thing but now look at her.  She has to

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What Color Are The Rioters In London?

Ah, the  joys of diversity will never cease.  After a “youth”, a young black hoodlum, was shot on Saturday night, the blacks of Tottenham decided to do what inner city blacks across the globe do best: riot. The funny thing is that the press, both British and foreign — especially American —  are trying as hard as they can to find white faces to highlight in their photos of rioters.  It’s almost as though they search through a thousand pictures to find

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  When is this going to end?  These people do not want to be helped.  I don’t give a shit that the women can go to school and I don’t give a shit about anything that happens to any of these people — just get American troops the  fuck outta there and let those fucking savages kill each other.  In the deadliest day for American forces in the nearly decade-long war in Afghanistan, insurgents shot down a Chinook transport helicopter on

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VAPING SPREADS DISEASES WORSE THAN COUGHING OR SNEEZING. Scientific evidence is starting to point to the fact that the electronic cigarette “smoke” emitted from vaping is probably  more dangerous to the public health than regular cigarette smoke and that the danger is, at first, not only to the electronic cigarette smoker.  It’s to everyone. Maybe the person who is vaping is saving himself from lung cancer but he or she might be exposing you to whatever serious illness they might

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Bigfoot Sightings All Over Northern New Jersey?

THIS IS A TRUNCATED REPORT FROM THE BIGFOOT WATCH ASSOCIATION OF CRYPTOZOOLOGISTS.  THE ENTIRE REPORT IN STORY FORM WILL BE RELEASED AS SOON AS CURRENT REPORTS ARE BEING PROCESSED. HIGH POINT STATE PARK, NJ. — Bigfoot is getting a lot of press these days but nowhere is he more in the spotlight than in South Eastern New York, Northwestern  New Jersey and parts of Northeast Pennsylvania. Recent sightings of a bigfoot-like creature have been reported in the area near High

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How Many Years Will Blagojevich Get?

Now that the Blagojevich trial is over and he’s been found guilty on some serious charges, a lot of people are asking, “How many years in jail will Blagojevich get?”  It must be a lot because the usually slick and confident Balgojevich, buckled at the knees and nearly fainted as the verdict was read aloud in the packed courtroom. According to the legal help at TheDamienZone.com, Rod Blagojevich will probably get a little mercy from the judge because if you sum

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YOUR FREE POWERBALL HOROSCOPE AND LUCKY NUMBERS. -JUNE 17, 2017 Aries – March 21 – April 20  — You are looking at a new home.  The one you like may need more repairs than the ones that are obvious, but do your homework and go with the numbers and not your heart.  Lucky Numbers: 42 47 18 22 38 10 ASTROLOGICAL ALIGNMENT NUMBERS PICKS HERE for April 2007 — DeRenzatto’s bio link. Taurus – April 21 – May 21  — Somebody in your

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Virgin Atlantic Passengers Get the C word on arrival in Glasgow.

Looks like some ditzy airline queen is going to be in trouble after Virgin Atlantic passengers were greeted with a four-letter wakeup call on their video monitors last  Sunday. “Get up, you cunts,” read the message on each seats video console.  The message was sent by the airplane’s crew and likely intended for two sleeping stewards — “you know how those guys can be bitchy to each other,”  reports The Sun. The crew members thought they were sending a private message to the TV

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