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The Sad Truth About Joe Rogan’s Closet Gay Fans.

A long time ago, I made a blog entry here on TheDamienZone.com, and as far as blog entries go wherein the subject of that blog is not really very newsworthy or famous,  it has done really well in spite of the relative obscurity of Joe “no talent” Rogan. Yeah, so I wrote a little thing about Joe Rogan, and even though Joey — as the worm-eating crowd likes to call him —  has only a handful of fans, my email box is

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CANDY CROWLEY DIET? NO WAY? She starts her own line of clothing.

Candy Crowley is cashing in on her fame as the debate monitor at the second Presidential debate by opening up her own line of hair care products and clothes for the woman with curves and fat and then some. “Candy looked kind of really really huge and her hair looked greasy and unkempt,” said fashion designer and health guru Sheldon Hartunis of the Hartunis Human Body Remake Company in Laurence Harbor, New Jersey. “She was far too wide and way

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Michael Phelps in Speedos Not Making Waves With Gay Men.

M.A.M.A.B. members have been very unhappy with Michael Phelps’ lack of a bulge in his Speedos  and each time Phelp’s is in a swimming event they get together to watch and hope for signs of a bulge. [Courtesy of M.A.M.A.B. — Middle aged Men Admiring Bulges] A German Magazine provided the Damien Zone with close up pics of Michael Phelp’s bulge.  You be the judge.  Pics are at this link on site – Das Photos auf Bulgen Phelps. . Olympic swimming

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What is my old piano worth? Probably Nothing!

“People often say, ‘I wonder what that old piano in my garage is worth?’ and almost always it’s not worth a penny.” [Damien LeGallienne] You know that old piano you have in your house — the one with all the picture frames and nick-nacks on it?  Gee you hate to sell it because it’s so old and it’s probably worth a lot of money, right?  WRONG! Unless you have some kind of rare bird of a piano that somebody is

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Matt-Taiibi bald “baldness” is getting out of control.

It started out with a guy named Matt from Lebanon who was only 18 but had really bad male pattern baldness.  He hung out in Los Angeles  with another Lebanese guy, a top notch skateboarder named Zef Taiibi  (pronounced, Ty YEE’ beee.) and these kids had money but they went bald really bad when they were young. As the numbers of this hair-impaired ethnic group have increased over the years, so has the animosity towards them, and it wasn’t long  before the younger

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Tiger Woods Announces Retirement

UPDATE:  HE WAS SUPPOSED TO ANNOUNCE THIS BUT AT THE LAST MINUTE HE CHANGED HIS MIND FOR SOME STRANGE REASON Tiger Woods has announced that he is going to retire from professional golf as of 11am today.  Woods cites the fact that he has far too many serious health problems to continue.  He has had problems with his legs and he readily admits that he should not have played in May because of serious health issues involving his knee and

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Hockey Captain Mike Richards goes to LA KINGS!

The Philadelphia Flyers traded captain Mike Richards and forward Rob Bordson to the LA KINGS on Thursday in exchange for winger Wayne Simmonds, center Brayden Schenn and a second-round pick in the 2012 Entry Draft. “This has nothing to do with Mike’s coming out as a gay hockey player,” said Jaques Zamboni.  “He just felt like it was time to move on.” The move marks the second massive trade of the day by the Flyers, who have also dealt Jeff Carter to the Blue

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I know that many people do like to shoot things. For some, this is not just pleasure, but necessity. However, some question why they insist on putting films of these shootings out in public. Who wants to see you singing in the bath with your rubber duck? And who wants to see Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons shooting an elephant and posing proudly over its dead body whhile his black t-shirt reveals his man boobs which look more like old

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