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The Secret Gay Life of U.S. President James Buchanan.

james-buchananJames Buchanan was the 15th President of the USA and he served in office from 1857 until 1861 when he was succeeded by Abraham Lincoln.

Buchanan was a bachelor for life, and while living in the White House, his niece was appointed as Official Hostess.

Officially, President Buchanan’s fiancee, Ann Coleman,died from grief back in 1819 when James spent more time working at his law firm than courting his devoted — but delicate — betrothed.  Ann’s death was Buchanan’s handy excuse for never again courting or seeking to marry any woman, but he did like to “busy his mouth” with woodies.

Doctor’s reports suggest that Ann Coleman died from a broken heart, but recent revelations suggest that she actually offed herself with a bottle of Laudenam (morphine, opium, codeine and alcohol) when she found out that her beloved James was enjoying the company of young muscle men from carnivals and circuses.

The recent discovery of a diary belonging to Ann Coleman’s closest friend, Anastasia Hemphill,  has changed the face of that story forever.

“Our dearest Ann was at the time overcome with revulsion when she came upon Mister Buchanan lying nude in a guestroom aloft with Kelvin Osford who was at the time a massive strongman with a traveling carnival.  Both men were in a state of tumescence and James was busying his mouth on the manhood of the vulgar and sweaty behemoth. I will go to my grave knowing that the sight of this horrific depravity led Ann to betray her truest Faith and she preferred instead to leave the Earth with the greatest of expedience.” [Anastasia Hemphill (beloved friend) 1821.]

A subsequent really bitchy letter to Anastasia from a man named Kelvin Osford was found folded inside of this page.  The letter was written by a Dr. Chapman (proxy) at the behest of Kevin Osford who was, “unschooled and of simple mind and unable to write even the simplest letter or salutation for himself.”

“Warmest regards to you, Miss Hemphill.  

“As it would not be socially fitting to present myself in your exemplary company, I share your sorrow on the loss of a lovely young lady and eternal friend, but perhaps you can find solace in the fact that James is sick of mind and uncaring.  He would have been an atrocity as as husband to even the lowest grade of woman.

“Buchanan lives only to be enthralled with the muscles of large and burly men and acts of sodomy. 

“Yes, I was engaged in an unspeakable act when it was discovered by Miss Coleman, but I am only one of many young men who have been well paid by Mister Buchanan to engage in unspeakable acts.  

“I have developed my body with heavy weights and stones and now at age twenty-two I too am caught in the web of decadence and debauchery that is the wont of Mister Buchanan and several of his male companions who worship me as a Greek statue and hand me subsequent sums of money and food stocks.

“I oblige you and seek forgiveness on the loss of your friend.  Please be mindful of the sad fact that I engage in deviant behavior with gentlemen only because my mother in Salem is sick with a cancer on the skin and her financial situation is poor at best. I know that this decrepit copulation with other men is entirely unnatural, but I am caught in a web of sin and deceit and self hatred.  

“Please find comfort in the knowledge  that a marriage joining Mister Buchanan and the dearly departed Miss Coleman would have had a most grievous endurance.  I beg your forgiveness and the forgiveness of our Lord.” [Kelvin Osford – as told to Dr. N. Chapman]

So — according to the close friend of President Buchanan’s fiancee, and the bodybuilder he fancied — Old James liked ‘em big and burly and muscular and dumb.  Seems this guy Kelvin Osford had all of that and more.  By the way “tumescence” means engorged, In other words, she found them naked with woodies and BuchanaN was blowing Osford.  (Busying his mouth).

It’s safe to assume that James’ woody was smaller than Osford’s because other letters exchanged between “Nancy” men of the same era and area often make mention of the large size of Osford’s “tumesence” and his muscles.  It seems that Osford was the hot ticket male “companion” of his day, and in higher class circles, the behavior of the men who fancied him was ignored to some extent.


Antoine Dodson No Longer Gay but LGBT Community Doesn’t Know It.

The 15th Annual Webby Awards - Red CarpetWhy is this Antoine Dodson Facebook page suddenly so popular?

In light of the recent life changes announced by Antoine — a guy with quirky talent who got lucky when somebody broke into his apartment in the projects — you would think people — especially gay people — would be more discerning about the people they “share” on Facebook — but they are not discerning.

They’re morons just like their heterosexual counterparts who live only to “share” without concern or forethought.  That is the nature of the Facebook Simpleton regardless of sexual orientation.

FOLKS!  Antoine Dodson is no longer gay — he says so himself — where is the outrage?  Antoine believes living a homosexual “lifestyle” is wrong and anti-religious.  Don’t you morons know that about him?  Do you ever read a frigging news story or even pick up a cheap magazine?   I am happy for Antoine that he is no longer hunting for a paycheck, but how dumb are some people — really? 

I am not hating on Antoine Dodson because he was a low income, gay African-American who lived in the projects and then became famous.  I am angry at the LGBT community for not knowing  that he has angrily and religiously ditched them in favour of chicks and babes — so he says.

The gays who don’t read or don’t care still love him, and it makes no sense whatsoever.  His Facebook page has over 1,000,000 followers — ahhhh — but maybe that’s the key to Antoine’s recent transformation?  There are less than 20 million gay people in the USA and success with the gay crowd is nowhere near as lucrative as it is with the Christian straight crowd.

Okay, I get it now.  Using Jesus for money — nothing new about that.  Is Antoine doing that or has he had some kind of weird revelation?  I don’t know.  That’s his business, but the sad truth is that nobody has bothered to learn about the new Antoine Dodson.  Therein lies the stupidity of certain people, and that is why we write this blog, right?  We write to expose stupidity and dumbness when and wherever it might occur.

The Simpletons of Facebook — which is just about everyone who has an account on Facebook — embraced Antoine when he became an overnight sensation via his viral video, and in spite of his recent admissions and admonitions  against gaiety, he is still popular — especially in the gay male community where one would expect him to be vilified, but in order to know the more recent truth about Antoine Dodson, at least one gay guy would have to read or learn or study — something the average Facebook Simpleton is unable to do with any degree of non-stupidity.

Let’s start from the beginning.

A few years ago, someone broke into Antoine’s home in the low income projects of the Lincoln Park Housing Project in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, and climbed into bed with his sister.

Antoine’s sister bravely stated that the intruder tried to rape her, and when she was interviewed on local TV about that incident, Antoine chimed in with his diatribe against the intruder.  It was concise and comical — so comical in fact that some enterprising young musicians took his TV interview and put it to an AUTO-TUNE music video which went viral.

Do you know it?

“Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands because they’re raping everybody out here.  You don’t have to come and confess. We’re looking for you.  We gonna find you, we gonna find you. So you can run and tell that, run and tell that, home boy, home boy….etc.”

So Antoine became an overnight sensation with his auto-tuned “Hide your kids, Hide Your Wife” viral video musical, and Antoine was openly gay — very flamboyant and funny and engaging — and but now he is singing a different tune.

Seems the former Miss Thing Dodson, has prayed away the gay and gone religiously freaky. Doesn’t anyone know this about him?  Do the simpletons of Facebook only look for homophobia in the American GOP or on CBN?   Antoine himself sounds awfully homophobic, and he has renounced his faith in Judy Garland, and for most gay men that’s grounds for excommunication.

Antoine Dodson announced recently that he was straight at the same time he proclaimed himself to be the ‘True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah’ on Facebook. He is now expecting a child with a woman he calls “his queen.” This is a far cry from the queens Antoine used to impregnate — in a manner of speaking. 

Dodson stated, “I have to renounce myself, I’m no longer into homosexuality I want a wife and family, I want to multiply and raise and love my family that I create,”

This was mild when compared to some of the things Dodson has said since claiming to have made the switch from dicks to chicks.

“The Bible states against it (homosexuality).”  “I am not praying away the gay.  You can just lift it.  If you want to change your life you can.”   “I’m trying to move away from being gay and become a better person.” “Back then I was dumb.  I didn’t know the Bible, I didn’t read the Bible like I should have done.”

It gets even more in your face, folks, but I don’t have the time.  The truth is that Antoine used the money he made to get his ass out of the projects and into a nice home in Los Angeles where he now proclaims a to be a chosen Hebrew Israelite.

Yeah, so to all of you morons out there in Facebook land, be mindful of the person you are helping to make wealthy.  Personally, I don’t care if Antoine is gay or straight or just plain stupid — which he seems to be — but really, how could so many people not know the truth about the new Antoine Dodson?

Like Antoine Dodson himself said when he addressed the news camera and the American public: “You are really dumb. You are so dumb.  Fer real! “



Pope Francis Excommunication Thing is Stupid.

popepopePope Francis, the new Pope who is beloved by the Simpletons of Facebook, has now cranked up the volume of dumbness and put the Facebook morons into blissfully idiotic overdrive.

You see them on your Facebook page, right?   The people who say things like, “I’m really digging this new Pope,” and “This Pope makes me want to go back to church.”

popepopeYes, the Argentinian pop-culture Pope is getting really popular.  Trouble is — he is a phony and he’s kind of dopey and clueless — just like the Facebookers who are digging him.

I can totally understand the stupidity of Facebook Simpletons — they have an incurable illness, and they are quickly becoming a distinct ethnic group unto themselves.

A Pope, however, is supposed to be smart, or at least wise, or at the very least, he should be able to understand the rules of the  job for which he has been chosen.

Recently, Pope Francis made a complete idiot out of himself by publicly excommunicating the Italian Mafia.

Naturally, this extremely dumb edict was greeted with  endless Facebook chatter from the community of “Facebook Simpletons Who Share Stupid Shit.”   

Those extremely dumb Facebook and email “sharers” totally love this kind of stuff — but it’s stupid and it makes no sense.

Many or most of the Roman Catholics on Facebook have already been excommunicated but they are basically too stupid to know it.

Allow me to explain.

The Pope does not excommunicate people.  People excommunicate people.

In other words, if one violates any specific doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church — the rules that call for excommunication — one has excommunicated one’s self.  It happens in the blink of an eye without any intervention from anyone.

An unseen hand comes down from heaven and erases you from the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church. You do not exist.

You can go to church all you want and put copious amounts of money in the collection plate, but for all intents and purposes, in the eyes of the church and God, you are not there.

If you have broken any number of endless rules, you are instantly excommunicated. You are a non-person.  You are “WASTING WAFERS” as I like to say.

You are, however,  still a Catholic.  And, you’ll always be Catholic unless you convert to something else — because you were Christened in the Catholic Church. But, as far as the church is concerned, you cannot participate in any of the sacraments and you cannot have a Catholic burial.  Sorry, no incense or holy water.

So, what does this all mean?  It means —  don’t bother showing up in church because you’re not there.  You are invisible in the eyes of god.

Let’s first tackle the issue of gay marriage as it pertains to our subject of excommunication since the gay Catholic  community seems to be loving this new Pope in spite of the fact that just about all of them have been excommunicated because they are homosexuals. Gay people are not excluded from the community of Facebook Simpletons.

One day Pope Francis says a few nice things about gay people and they all start jumping for joy — it’s lunacy and dumbness.

Catholicism — and just about every religion of the world —  does not not allow homosexuality.

 It is written off as a grievous sin in the eyes of God even though God is the guy who made a person a homosexual in the first place.

Regrettably,  it is correct to say that folks who engage in homosexuality — especially the really annoying and dopey ones — have already been auto-excommunicated.  The Pope doesn’t have to announce it on television.

Sorry, honey, but just like Louie B. Mayer said to Joan Crawford when he excommunicated her from MGM studios,  “It’s already been done, Joan.”

The Pope made an ass of himself when he spoke kindly of gay people a few weeks after he got the big hat, but it made no sense.  How can you speak kindly of people who are thoroughly condemned by the giant organization you lead?

Rules are rules, and unless Pope Franny plans on revamping those rules, he should stop with all of this sanctimonious pandering.  Actually, the pandering is tolerable  — it’s those who are pandered to and loving it who make me sick.

I am not picking only on the gay community of Facebook Simpletons — it’s a whole lot of people — it’s freaking everybody.

If you have ever violated the loopy 6th and the 9th Commandments as they are applied by the Catholic Church of Rome — and who hasn’t —  you are excommunicated.  Sorry, Charlie. 

Is that so hard to understand though?

Read these two Commandments carefully.  These are the ones that automatically get you your pink slip. The Catholic Church has never revoked these rules, and as silly as they are, they still apply.


Human sexual activity —  This commandment forbids the actual, physical act of having immoral sexual activity, specifically adultery, which is sex with someone else’s spouse or a spouse cheating on their partner. This commandment also includes fornication, which is sex between unmarried people, prostitution, pornography, homosexual activity, masturbation, group sex, rape, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia.


The Ninth Commandment forbids the intentional desire and longing for immoral sexuality. To sin in the heart, Jesus says, is to lust after a woman or a man in your heart with the desire and will to have immoral sex with them. Just as human life is a gift from God and needs to be respected, defended, and protected, so, too, is human sexuality. Catholicism regards human sexuality as a divine gift, so it’s considered sacred in the proper context — marriage.

 So, now that you’ve read them carefully, are you an excommunicate?  Oooooops!  You probably are — if you are a Roman Catholic.  

But alas, all is not lost.  You can get back in — yes you can — if you are truly sorry for what you’ve done and you repent.   But again, think carefully about what is written in those two commandments.

For example:  If you are gay, you have to be truly sorry that you are gay.  Be mindful of that little gay fact before you dive into months of confessions and Papal indulgences.  If you ever go gay again — or if you ever even think about a guy in a bulging speedo — YOU’RE OUT!

Do you see the dumbness now?  Do you see that the Pope’s TMZ style of excommunication is dumb and self-serving?   Do you see how the whole concept of excommunication is dumb?

If you are a Catholic and you are currently practicing all of the rules of the Catholic Church, the odds are that you are either dead or in a deep coma.

Note to Pope Francis — SHUT UP.  You are making a fool out of yourself.

This article was inspired by this Facebook post I stumbled upon from someone who is not a simpleton.  Here is that post.

David D. Mattia :   Pope Francis — essentially a false idol — has publicly excommunicated the Italian Mafia.  But,  the Italian MAFIA,  if you follow the rules of excommunication,  has already been excommunicated and they don’t even know it — and the Pope obviously doesn’t know it either.

This Pope is getting real popular by pandering to the dumbness of the masses — so to speak.  

All “MAFIA” and GANGS and CROOKS — Mexican Mafia, Russian Mafia, Crips,  Bloods. Neo Nazis — they’re already out — but I guess the Pope forget to announce it.

Excommunication is incurred AUTOMATICALLY for certain offenses against the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.   Simply because the Pope announces it over a public address system does not mean anyone is MORE excommunicated — but I think the public announcement is kind of cute.

Hey, you out there? Are you divorced? Sorry. You’re out!

Are you homosexual or bisexual? You’re out!

Committed adultery ever? You’re out!

Murdered anyone?  Didn’t go to to church and forgot to confess? Lusted after anyone? You’re out! You’re out! You’re out!

I have a new slogan for the Catholic Church — “IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN EXCOMMUNICATED LATELY, YOU’RE PROBABLY DEAD.”



Bengt Holst is Mentally Sick? Sanity of Copenhagen Zoo Director In Question.

bengt holstA team of forensic psychologists are planning to assemble in The Netherlands.

Their goal?

To have Bengt Holst, the director of the Copenhagen zoo, declared legally insane or have him brought  up on animal cruelty charges or to have him declared incompetent and unable to work at anything but menial jobs.

Local law enforcement agents are considering having Holst brought forward for a competency hearing and they too are considering charging him with not only cruelty to animals, but for animal racketeering with the intent to gain fame or notoriety.

According to a statement released by the newly-formed committee, Holst has… “…committed a grievous offense and for that he should either be sent for a complete psychological examination or he should be punished without mercy for his crimes against the animals in his charge — chief among them being the giraffe “Marius” which he had brutally killed and publicly dissected in what amounted to something akin to a grand spectacle worthy of the ancient Roman Colosseum.” 

“The problem has NOTHING to do with the giraffe’s meat being fed to the lions. The problem is that Marius’ keepers — humans he seemed to trust — shot the giraffe in the head and ghoulishly dissected that giraffe in front of zoo visitors.” said Dr. Raymond Totondi, a Zoologist and Human Behaviorist in Rome.

“The reason they gave for shooting the giraffe was horrific. Bengt Holst believed that Marius already had genes that were well-represented at the zoo and they didn’t want to risk inbreeding — in other words, they didn’t like his genetic makeup — so he ordered him killed him in spite of the fact that many zoos throughout Europe and the world offered to take him.”

As if all of this weren’t sufficiently horrific, Bengt Holst is now being viewed as madman on a sick rampage because he has now — several weeks after he fed Marius to the lions —  decided that those very lions too need to die because he is, “not in the business of raising lion cubs.”

“Something is terribly wrong with this zoo and the people who run it, said a Canadian zoologist who spoke under conditions of anonymity.

“I am not a psychologist, and perhaps I should not even be saying this, but Bengt Holst is a mentally sick individual who should not be allowed to lord over any zoo or any place where the welfare of animals is a concern.  He should be fired from his job at the Copenhagen zoo and she should be charged as a criminal.  What he did to that giraffe was not only cruel to the animal, but it seemed as though Holst was enjoying being cruel to the thousands of people — mostly children — who begged that the giraffe not be killed.  

“There were plenty of options open to Holst — even an doffer of $600.000US from a European buyer, but Holst refused and opted instead to kill the animal as though he was the star of some demented reality show.  To me this shows that he is a sociopath of some kind.  I realize again that I am not a psychologist, but many on the panel who are indeed psychologists and psychiatrists, believe that Holst is indeed a sociopath and when I call him one, I am simply restating what I have been told by experts.”

Hollywood TV writer and zoologist, Dave Mattia , a man who usually treads lightly on touchy subjects like this, had this to say about the meeting in the Netherlands.

“In my opinion, Bengt Holst, the administrator of the zoo, assembled paid stooges — friends and friends of friends — to watch this creep show in an attempt to legitimize what he planned on doing. Any notion that these people were truly  “invited” is untrue.  If they were indeed curious observers, they were truly sick people who might very well have tampered cruelly with the minds of their children.

“In spite of death threats against him and his staff and 47,000 or more names on a petition (most from Denmark and The Netherlands) to NOT kill the giraffe, and video requests from children throughout Europe begging him to not kill Marius, Holst went bananas and turned the entire thing into a macabre spectacle simply because he wanted to spite his detractors. That’s not my OPINION — that is the opinion of the Zoological Society of The Netherlands and the London Zoo.

“Holst’s fetid frustrations – whatever they may be — have overcome his judgement. Again, these are not MY words, these are the words of zoologists and zoological administrators throughout Europe. They’re calling for his head on the chopping block. They’re saying he is a madman and some on staff at the zoo who participated in this and are affiliated with other zoological endeavors will find themselves jobless in a few days.

“And the children.  What about the children?  

“This was a traumatic thing for a child to see, I’m sorry but I have to question the psychological machinations of anyone who thinks that this was a healthy thing to do to children — and some very strange people seem to think it was a splendid lesson for children to learn.  But these are ordinary children — not Children of the Corn.  

“One very nutty American woman who works in racehorse rescue called it “enlightening” and “wonderful for children to learn about the circle of life”  but it was not about any circle of life.  It was about one man’s alleged insanity and a new slant on the old PT Barnum technique of getting people to patronize his zoo. How can this woman be in charge of the welfare of racehorses rescued from the racetrack. Perhaps she likes dead animals and suffering animals.  You never know what might be a person’s motivations.”

With regards to the committee in The Netherlands, when one commits a criminal act — and hopefully the authorities in Denmark will find this to be a criminal act — and one’s business benefits from said criminal act, one can and often will be charged with criminal racketeering.

Dave Mattia continued:

“In my opinion, it was, what it was — a sickening spectacle brought to you by an allegedly  crazy man who has ordained himself with the divine providence to determine which animals live and which animals die as per his own edicts and opinions and his ability to kill without concern.

“You have people on Facebook and other social media — idiotic people — talking about where meat comes from and children being enriched by learning about dead animals and other overly simplistic and frankly deranged opinions, when this is not the issue at all.

“The issue is how the giraffe named Marius came to be blast-bolted in the head, and then quartered with butchering knives under the guise of performing a necropsy, so as to feed lions which in turn were later killed as well  by the same executive order that came down from the office of Bengt Holst, who, in my opinion, is either out of his mind or common people who simply do not understand the highly strange and macabre aspects that surround this cruel and unusual display of hubris and perhaps insanity” 

Here is a link to David D. Mattia if you want to learn more about him.

The goal of the Committee meeting in The Netherlands is to have Holst declared insane or be brought before a board of government appointed psychologists so as to determine if he is a danger to himself or to people or to animals.  This kind of thing is done all the time when families want to have a loved one put away because of psychologically inappropriate behavior.  Holst will get the same treatment as the average person who is dragged in for a competency hearing, but the odds of him coming out of this unscathed are very slim.  He will either be found to have some kind of mental illness which requires inpatient or outpatient psychiatric care, or, at the very least, he will lose his job and perhaps never again be allowed to work in a zoo or any kind.



E Harmony Granddaughter is Pro Gay Marriage

E Harmony’s Dr. Neil Clark Warren may be a bigoted guy who is opposed to gay marriage, but his grandaughter Caroline — the one with the speech impediment who appears in his commercials sporting blond pigtails — does not agree with her grandfather’s stand on gay issues.

Caroline has been to many speech therapists and a cure has not been found, yet when it comes to modern social issues, the little actress speaks a lot more clearly than her stuffy grandfather.

This Hollywood writer got the inside scoop on Caroline Clark Warren:

“I be-weeve, that gay people should be awwoed to mawwy and that my gwandfather is tewwibly wong about this,” said Caroline from her penthouse apartment playroom in West Palm Beach.

“Gwandpa is vewy, vewy, old fashioned, and he doesn’t wook at things the way he should. When I was a wheely wittle girl, I did not know what it meant when people say that somebody was gay, but now that I know, I will try to make my gwandfather twy to change his vewy wong idea about what people should do in the bedwoom. That stuff is vewy pwivat.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Caroline to come through on her promise to change her grandfather. The kid is pulling in a lot of money doing those TV spots.

“I make a watt of money and pwetty soon I will have enough to buy a Wools Woyce Convawtible.”

Denmark Zoo Kills Giraffe and Feeds Him to Lions.

giraffe“The veterinary version of  Josef Mengele is alive and well and calling the shots at the Copenhagen Zoo.  It seems he is the person in Denmark who determines which animals are fit to live and procreate and which are inferior or flawed. Then he dissects them in front of children” [Damien LeGallienne,  10, February 2014] is calling for a boycott on tourism to Denmark — especially Copenhagen — especially the murderous zoo where they killed a giraffe because they didn’t like its family tree.

The Copenhagen Zoo — which, in my opinion, is run by Nazis — shot and killed a perfectly healthy giraffe today and then fed the meat to the lions and the tigers. They did this because the giraffe “did not fit into their program” and they did not want him sent to another zoo because they said “it would cause inbreeding.”

So that’s how they do it in Denmark — very Hitler-ish don’t you think?  The giraffe was named Marius, and to add insult to injury, they shot the poor guy in the head with a bolt gun because to kill him with a lethal injection would have rendered the meat inedible.   Is this zoo broke or something?  If you have to kill your animals to feed your other animals, something is really, really wrong.

Now, according to the really bad writers at CNN, the assholes are going to perform an autopsy. First of all, there is no such thing as an “autopsy” on an animal — for the 1,000th time, assholes — a postmortem on an animal is called a NECROPSY. How many frigging times do I have to tell you morons how to write correctly?

Anyway, several wildlife parks and zoos offered to take Marius but the Copenhagen zoo thought it was better to shoot a deadbolt into its brain — and it was VERY messy.  For some weird reason, they would not let Marius go somewhere else to live out his life.  It’s as though they wanted to practice killing giraffes or something. I don’t care how many “experts” try to explain what they did and why they did it.  The fact remains that they wanted this giraffe dead and they wanted to take this animals death to a Jerry Springer level.  They succeeded.

“The Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England offered to take him in and they have one of the best giraffe facilities in the world,” said Zoologist/Writer David D. Mattia when we contacted him from our office in Belgium.”

“There were so many more options open to Bengt Holst (the scientific director of the zoo) but for some weird reason he wouldn’t budge.”

David D. Mattia continued:

“I know there are various  protocols for situations like this, but The Copenhagen zoo laid this out for all the world to see and know about.  They turned it into a cheap sideshow and for that they have to face the music. They should never, never, never have done this.

“It’s very creepy and unnatural human behavior by a zoological administration where many, if not all, the interests should be centered on animal behavior.”

“I don’t know why they would kill #Marius simply because his genetic strain is already well-represented in their giraffe herd. They keep repeating their mantra about maintaining genetic purity, and the more they emphasize that point, the creepier it gets. It’s frightening …the way they speak so openly about this and then they dissected the animal in front of families and children.  There is something mentally wrong with somebody over there.

“The Copenhagen zoo shot a giraffe and at the same time they shot themselves in the foot. Nobody will or should go there now…not anyone who finds about this, and just about everyone will eventually.

“I thoroughly support a boycott on tourism to the Copenhagen Zoo because if the folks in charge…the scientific people…do something like this, something that should have either not been made public or something they knew would be grossly offensive throughout the world and viewed as cruel by millions of people, it speaks volumes about the mindset of the zoo itself. I think they’re a little crazy or something. I would like to say something a whole lot deeper and more meaningful but the weird hubris of the powers that be at the Copenhagen Zoo is mind-boggling and there is nothing to say aside than to say that they’re a little nuts.”

“Of course you always want to avoid inbreeding in captive animals, but you simply don’t kill a beautiful animal in what amounts to be a public spectacle and then not expect people to be outraged or to ever again patronize your zoo, especially when so many other options were available.  The whole affair turned into a macabre death-watch vigil that should have never happened.  

“What they did at the Copenhagen zoo was showy and self-serving and disgusting. Maybe they like stuff like that.  You never know what kind of wild stuff goes on in some people’s heads.  Just because they’re zoologists and veterinarians one can’t automatically assume that they are not also out of their minds.”

So Marius is D-E-A-D and now the lions will be eating him. Let’s see. Wasn’t there another time when some humans were seen as disposable and they too were fed to the lions?

LISTEN!  Don’t waste your money on a trip to Denmark.  Donate a few bucks to your favourite charity.   This is a link to the zoologist we interviewed — — click on it and learn about his projects. or follow him on Twitter @DaveMattia

Dave Muscato’s Atheist Anti-Christmas Billboard in Times Square.


 “You would have to be a mentally sick, and self-loathing demented individual to be the guy behind the hateful atheist billboard in Times Square. 

“It’s one thing to not believe in god, but it becomes something totally different when you make it your life’s work.  It’s a kind of perversion.  This kind of sick devotion to any one thing is unnatural.  It’s as unnatural as can be.

“There is nothing wrong with being an atheist. It’s actually quite normal to not believe in a higher power. but when you make it your career, there is something seriously wrong somewhere.  That kind of overt atheism is almost always the hallmark of unhappiness or some deeper issues.  Some doctors have called this the “Misfit Syndrome” and it explains a great deal of strange and  childishly mischievous anti-social behaviour.

“This is why Dave Muscato cannot be normal or anywhere near close to normal in his mind.  He is, in my opinion, a sick person.   He is intentionally trying to draw attention to himself because something else is seriously wrong with his life and his sense of self.  I don’t think it’s possible to be less interesting or lowlier than this pitiful creature.”

“In the case of Dave Muscato, all you have to do is look at him to understand why he hates god enough to make atheism his raison d’etre.  He is ugly in every way a person can be ugly.  He is a monster.  His own parents must want to slit their wrists when they see and hear this monster they’ve created.  Nobody could be proud of this THING.  It’s not possible.  Dave Muscato is somebody’s cross — if you’ll pardon the expression.

“If there is any justice in the universe, Dave’s parents are either dead —  spared from the humiliation of having a son such as Dave —  or they gave this guy up for adoption when he was born– which was right about the time he started getting hopelessly ugly and spitefully cruel.” [Damien LeGallienne 13 December, 2013]

Dave Muscato, an avowed atheist and Public Relations Director for American Atheists (sick people who hate openly on only Christian beliefs because Muslims would cut off their unhappy heads) should seek treatment for his underlying illness or whatever it is that is causing him to act out so horribly.

In my opinion. Dave Muscato is truly sick — something is wrong within him.   He’s some kind of demi-monster — unstoppable because he has no shame or too much shame and no conscience  — none.

What kind of twisted mind would find pleasure or principle in dismissing the religious beliefs of other people simply to get attention?  Would this slob have the balls ( if you could find them) to say such a thing about the religious observations of Muslims?   Of course not.  He is a big, fat coward.  He’d piss himself.

“If Dave Muscato were an attractive man, he would not take such pleasure in pissing on the beliefs of others.  Believe me, I am no church-goer, but my basic instincts tell me that he has an issue and he is pushing aside that issue by using atheism as a fulcrum. 

It’s not so hard for me as psychiatrist to dismiss all of this childish and michievous behaviour simply based on the fact that this man is unhappy and lonely and dealing with some kind of deeper issue.” You really need not look any deeper medically, but were I hard put for an instant diagnosis I would say that he has some kind of identity crisis. ” [Phyllis James MD Phd, London, England.]

Go ahead and call me childish for calling him names and quoting people who think he’s more than just a kooky atheist. This is what he and the people he represents deserve. I am merely copying him and his flock. Their billboard in Times Square is childish and stupid and my response to it is on the same level.atheist

The Damien Zone thinks that this fat, grotesquely ugly, disgusting-looking, fat turd is the most vile, cruel, stupid, silly, unhappy, miserable fat slob turd-sucking,  piece of shit on the face of the earth.  How about that, Dr. James?

“If a medical doctor can easily determine that Dave Muscato’s atheist quest in life could possibly be part and parcel of his physical ugliness, how easy must it be for all of us humble observers to simply dismiss him as an ugly asshole?” [Elise LeFevre, Liege, Belgium]

Perhaps Dave Muscato is actually “sick” in his brain. Maybe he has an organic brain disease like Cushing’s Disease/Syndrome (he has the facial features of someone with that disease) or else he has a brain tumour that causes strange behaviour.

“Cushing’s Disease or Cushing’s Syndrome are manifestations of the same basic imbalance of the hormone cortisol and cortisol stimulating pre-hormones.  The signs and symptoms of the ‘syndrome’ are caused by either a pituitary tumour or an adrenal gland tumour.  In either case, the symptoms are the same and Dave Muscato certainly has the body shape and the facial manifestations of the syndrome.   He has what we call “moon facies” which means the weight gain in his face is not the kind of facial fat one associates with normal obesity.  This doesn’t mean Dave Muscato has this disease, but he has signs, and that’s instantly what would jump into the thought process of any competent physician. 

Maybe —  and this is the saddest part of all — Dave Muscato isn’t sick with any deadly disease.  Maybe he is simply the most grotesque human being on the face of the earth because for some reason he hates himself so much that he welcomes any attention — even hatred — and none of this has anything to do with his “moon facies” or “truncal obesity” or the other possibilities of physiological diseases that affect the mind.

In my opinion, Dave Muscato is ugly beyond all human comprehension — more on the inside than on the outside — at least he thinks so.

The outside is indeed unbearably ugly, so saying that he is even uglier on the inside, is really a stretch.

There are no other other possible explanations for this homely and balloon-faced, ugly man-child who thinks that getting on Fox News –behaving and boasting like a neurotic child — is an achievement.  This is NOT an achievement.  It’s his very own burlap monkey from which he can suckle so as to make up for all the things he was unable to achieve in real life.  It’s play acting layered over some kind of arrested development.

By the way, if you didn’t already know, Dave Muscato is the guy behind the posting of the Take Christ Out of Christmas billboard that is disgracing Time’s Square, and Dave “doesn’t care if you are offended by his billboard.”

“What purpose does the billboard serve?  If you don’t believe in god, or Christ or Christmas, what’s the deal?  How can you defame something that does not exist?  Dave Muscato doesn’t understand that very simple fact because he’s not only fat and ugly, he’s stupid and bitchy too.  How lonely and attention starved is this grotesque queen?  

What is is he seeking in life?  What bothers him so much that he wants to shit on everyone’s religious beliefs?

I cannot imagine the solitude and loneliness of this sack of shit — this enormously unfuckable lump of unhappiness and excess adipose tissue.

Let me tell you what I think about this fat unhappy pig man — this moon faced, ugly, bald, unhappy scum bag.

He was always ugly within, and because he was always the outwardly ugly guy everywhere he went, he learned to hate himself because he is grotesque to look at.  Then, he took that self-hatred and turned it even more inward because he is not happy with himself as he is.  

Then, when he had eaten away at his inner self, he turned that same hatred and pointed it at NORMAL people, or people who are considered to be “normal.”   This is why he taunts people. 

The more Dave Muscato moves forward with his hatred of god or faith or anything “wholesome” besides a third helping of mashed potatoes, the more he hopes to become attractive.  But he will always fail.  He will never attract what he really wants to attract.  He will always be rejected.  It’s pretty sad. 

 He lives in a deep sadness and such is his life.

Dave Muscato never could draw anyone toward him in real life during his formative years, so now he tries to do it by shocking and taunting people.  He is forever living in that awful playground where he was a fat and ugly kid who had this inner, hateful monster who was waiting to emerge.  He is forever the young guy in the bar who couldn’t get a date or a hook up.  He’s always the fat guy in the back of the picture.  The smile is forced and unwanted.  People wish they could erase him from the photo.

In spite of his ugliness and fatness and moon face, I wouldn’t even spit on this guy, but he is a monster on the inside and GOD or DNA or ALIENS FROM SPACE or KARMA has brought that all to the surface.  Now he is FUGLY all over.  If he were a hot guy, he wouldn’t have to behave like the miserably horrific and loathsome queen that he seems to be.

You see now?  You see how simple everything really is when you boil it down to its basic elements?

Damien LeGallienne reporting for  Brussels, Belgium.  



Giorgio Tsoukalos Plastic Surgery Rumors.

giorgio11111He may only be 35 years old, but ancient astronaut expert Giorgio Tsoukalos looks like he may have had a lot of plastic surgery and a bit of a hairline enhancement at the same time.  We are not sure if he did or he didn’t but rumors of giorgio’s plastic surgery are flying around the earth faster than ancient, alien astronauts.

“Giorgio’s facial skin didn’t used to be as smooth and peachy as it is now and it looks like he may have had a brow lift, an eye job and some chemical peeling done on his face,” said plastic surgeon Dean Traherne MD.

“Botox is certainly in play here, and Giorgio looks like he  had some a lot of hair plugs added to his head so as to lower the length of his forehead. His hair was receding back rapidly, so in order to compensate for that, Giorgio continued to fluff it up. To compensate for that, Giorgio Tsoukalos has had hair transplants. I am not sure if that’s the case, it could be a frontal wig,  but he has certainly had a lot of work done on his hair and his face.”

The Damien Zone thinks that Giorgio had to do something because he was starting to look like a cross between Larry Fine from The Three Stooges and Vic Tayback who played the character of Mel in the 1970s sitcom “Alice“ which starred Linda Lavin — who, by the way —  is rumored to be the most difficult actress to work with in all of show business.

According to Dr. Traherne, Greek men or men with Greek ancestry, often have a tendency to age rapidly in the facen and Girogio, in spite of his Swiss citizenship, is a Greek – 100%.   John Stamos might still have hair on his head but he’s one Greek who beat the genetic odds.   

“Usually by the time a Greek guy has reached his thirties, he has grown very hairy and bald and old looking. I know many Greek men who are only in their twenties but would easily pass in the USA as someone in their late 40s. This is probably what has happened to Giorgio and now that he is in the public eye and adored my millions of child-minded people who believe that ancient aliens did everything from building the pyramids to making ancient volcanoes blow up, he has to have a movie-star kind of image.  His tan is very fake and he shouldn’t be tanning or using fake tan products after having what I think is a lot of plastic surgery.”girogio3

The Damien Zone thinks that Giorgio should have saved the money he spent on his face and hair to getting speech and elocution lessons and so does Dr. Traherne. Here’s what he said about that.

“Giorgio Tsoukalos has dedicated his entire life to studying extraterrestrials but for some reason he can’t even pronounce the word “extraterrestrial” and that’s really strange.  He says something like ‘eshtra-treshtral.’ It’s not his slight accent that causes him to say the word incorrectly.  It sounds to me like an impediment of some kind.

“I practice plastic surgery as a profession, but at least I can pronounce it. I mean, this is his field of endeavor, and as stupid and mindless as it seems to be, the least he can do is learn how to pronounce the words that he will find himself using in that field. Hearing him say the word ‘extraterrestrial’ the way he does is painful. He sounds like he has Bell’s Palsy or some kind of neurological deficit. Maybe his pronunciation was disrupted by one of his plastic surgery procedures. It can happen, and perhpas I sound petty and cruel to even mention it, but it’s a serious problem no matter how you look at it.  It takes away from his credibilities in the area of an already silly and absurd topic, or he could have a medical problem.”

Some people who have analyzed the entire Giorgio Tsoukalos fanfare in a different way. Many sociological physicians and researchers believe that the entire “ancient astronaut” concept is just a way for Tsoukalos to recreate himself as a mainstream celebrity.

“It’s amazing to me that Giorgio has so much knowledge about something that never really happened,” said Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD PHd of the Skylight Institute for Higher Learning in Switzerland.

“The whole thing is about getting famous. It’s a totally silly and childish concept and Giorgio Tsoukalos has devoted his life to studying it.

“If you look at a cloud it can look like a bunny or an elephant. The same applies to the life of human beings from ages ago. If you want to learn how they did something or how they lived, you can imagine all kinds of things, and that’s exactly what Giorgio and his comrades are doing — and they’re making a lot of money in the process. The main thing right now is the quest for fame and Giorgio is taking that too far. He has had some kind of plastic surgery. He doesn’t even look like the original Giorgio from when the show first started and this makes me question his true motives.”

We here at The Damien Zone think that Giorgio looks, at the very least, RESTED, and in our world, that means that he probably has had some kind of cosmetic procedure. We will have to look close, but while we’re doing that, Giorgio better learn how to pronounce the word “EXTRATERRESTRIAL” because the word is not “ESTRA-TRESH-TRULL.”  Get that word right, Giorgio and stop having plastic surgery.  You are starting to look like a Greek lady.

Lesbian Waitress No Tip story is a LIE? Is Dayna Morales a Liar?

dana3“People tell lies all the time, but I think you tell them better than anyone.” [Rhoda Penmark, “The Bad Seed” 1956 ]

“ — an offshoot of the Newark Star Ledger — the dumbest newspaper in the USA — ran the story as though it was the story of the century. This piece of mindless stupidity and poor judgement was written by Sergio Bichao — a possible graduate of the Ding Dong School of Dumbness.  How could the Newark Star Ledger not have seen through this 100% bullshit story?

How is it possible? 

It’s possible because the Newark Star Ledger is a journalistic nightmare of stupidity and dumbness — and that’s what seeks to expose — stupidity and dumbness.  Back in the old days when people had to learn real journalism and write real stories, the Newark Star Ledger was a premier newspaper. Now it’s written by people who couldn’t pass a standard aptitude test.”  [Damien LeGallienne]

So…the lesbian-marine-waitress who supposedly got stiffed on a tip and instead got a lecture on how her lifestyle was wrong, has been exposed as a liar?

You mean she made up the whole story about not getting a tip?  In other words, nobody really wrote anti-lesbian insults on their tab in lieu of a tip?  Could it be?  Is it possible that the lesbian waitress is an attention starved crazy person?  No….really? You mean she wrote that stuff herself? Really? Holy shit, dude. This can’t be true.

Sorry folks, but it’s sure starting to look like the poor lesbian waitress who was so greatly hurt and demeaned by “evil, gay-hating Christian restaurant patrons” is a frikking liar — and maybe even a psycho.

Of course I knew it all along. I predicted it and I said so openly on my Facebook page — but nobody believed me. I saw through it from the very first, but of course the crazy morons out there in DimWit, Everybody-is-a Victim, USA refused to believe me.

I was attacked as being anti-gay, but none of this was about the former marine-turned-waitress being a lesbian. I am not anti-gay. I am anti-bullshit, and anyone couldn’t see that this was all just one big fat lie is a moron.

Of course there are people who simply wanted this all to be true because their entire raison d’etre is to be victimized because of race or religion or religious oppression or issues of sexuality and sexual orientation — but a lie is a lie is a lie.

Here’s a suggestion for all you morons out there who believe everything other morons say. Go rent a film called “The Children’s Hour.”  It’s based on a play written in 1935 by Lillian Hellman and was put to the movie screen in 1961.  It’s a ground-breaking story about lies and there’s enough lesbianism in it to interest the simple-minded.  

Starring  Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine, The Children’s Hour tells a story  about how some people often make up lies because they’re not happy or they’re misguided.  It’s about how a simple lie can totally ruin the lives of innocent people.

In real life this kind of stuff happens all the time because scandalous lies are the most believed ones.

A lot of peple are inherently unkind and cruel. They like this kind of stuff and they spread it around like a cancer. They can’t face the truth about anything — especially the truth about themselves.  Bitchy lies are so much fun — until they’re about you.

Okay so what’s this lesbian waitress story all about?

It’s about a girl who needs attention.  She joins the military and when that gig is up  she comes home  to a ho-hum life as a run-of-the-mill lesbian waitress.

So, because she’s probably a mental case,  she makes up a sob story that causes all kinds of simpletons to rally to her defense. They even donate money to her because she was so wronged by those pesky evil Christians.  The waitress never said anything about evil Christians.  The people who came to her defense did because that’s what they do to live.  That is their oxygen.

dana2What’s it called when you get money donated to you because of a lie you made up about something —- uh — oh yeah — FRAUD!

I think that’s a crime, but so far the tip-stiffed lesbian US Marine has not been convicted. So far she hasn’t been charged and she probably never will be.

Here’s what happened.

According to Dayna Morales — the proudly lesbianical waitress in question — a family stiffed her on a $100 tab because they did not approve of her lifestyle. This all happened at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

When the patrons  should have left a tip, they instead scrawled ( according to Morales) the message — “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not approve of your lifestyle and how you live your life.”  This isn’t what really happened, but it was reported as the truth because Morales was taken at her word.  Nobody had the brains to figure out that she might have invented the whole story.

For some strange reason, Morales waited until the family LEFT the restaurant and then took a photo of the alleged note and published it on the eternally moronic Facebook.

But wait a second. When a waiter gets stiffed on a tip — don’t they usually chase the patron out into the parking lot?  Doesn’t the manager almost always come over and demand a tip?  Why did Morales wait?  Well….you can guess now.dana

Of course Dayna Morales’ story fit all the criteria of stupidity and mawkish dumbness — and  it went viral.  Every numbskull in the world rallied to the defense of this poor lesbian soldier who was wronged by those evil, gay-bashing Christians.

But it didn’t really ever happen.  It was fun while it lasted — at least it was fun for the morons who believed it.  How frigging stupid are people?  I mean it.  HOW FRIGGING STUPID AND GULLIBLE AND DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION CAN PEOPLE BE?    It’s mind boggling that this story even got past the front cash register at this stupid restaurant.

I am going to keep telling you over and over that it didn’t happen because there are a lot of readers who don’t read properly. They see only that I am taking pokes at an alleged “lying lesbian waitress” who, in my opinion, is indeed a mega-liar and a girl who either created a story that got out of hand, or maybe she needs medical help. There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian, but what about the lesbians who are really beat down in life because of their lesbianism? Are they forever going to be labeled as people who make shit up to get attention? Probably.  And that will be Dayna Morales’ legacy?  Because of her stupid story, nobody will believe anything like this again.  It might even open the door for real life non-tippers to save a few bucks.

Of course the people who rallied to Morales’ defense when they thought she was a wronged lesbian, will not do anything to help her when they find out that she’s just another attention-starved lying crackpot. There’s nothing interesting about that. There’s no cheering section for the average half-baked bird brain.

Morales is on her own now. She’ll never be remembered as the girl who lied about getting a hate note instead of a tip or anything like that — she’ll just fade away and keep getting more body ink.  Eventually that little hair spike in the front of her head will turn gray and she’ll walk down the aisle in a tuxedo and marry the gullible girl of her dreams.

So anyway — you should have seen the comments that poured in from the masses when the lesbian waitress was wronged by the evil anti Christian non-tipper family.

Naturally, the officially mentally retarded Asbury Park websites and newsletters, had to get in on this, and then it all exploded into a frenzy of hot-mess-gay-equality-abysmal-trashiness.

For those of you who don’t know, you will kindly note that Asbury Park, NJ is an absolute dump. It might be the cheesiest city in the USA. It’s a shit hole to end all shit holes. There is nothing dumber or creepier than Asbury Park.  Every year Asbury Park has a huge Zombie Festival on their seaside promenade and they don’t have to change a thing to prepare for the event. They don’t have to make the town look post-apocalyptic and they don’t have to change their clothes or faces. It’s all ready-made. It’s already an off-the-rack monster-ville. It has its own unique variety of stupidity and decrepitude and atrociousness. It’s even worse than the Gowanus Canal dolphin people — that’s pretty hard to be — but I digress.

Finally, the people who allegedly stiffed the lesbian waitress out of her gratuity were tracked down, and guess what — they produced the REAL receipt and they had indeed left Morales a 19% tip — and their credit card proved it. Did Morales make this all up? It sure looks like it.  Not only did the diners leave her a tip — they never wrote any nasty message about Morales’ “lifestyle” or anything like that.   I so love it when I am right — I was soooooooo right about this.

Of course her bosses at the restaurant didn’t fire Morales straight off because they have to let the truth sink into the minds of the morons who worship the sacred ground of the wronged lesbian, Thy have to be careful when they tiptoe around this lunacy because a lot of STUPID people gave money to this Morales person — lots of it. What’s going to happen to that money?

Supposedly Morales is going to donate it to the Wounded Warrior Project because that sure beats going to jail for fraud.

So what’s the “Morales” of this story?  The Morales (moral) of this story is to VERIFY your frigging sources when you report something in a major newspaper no matter how shitty that newspaper might be.  The moral of this story is to use your brain.  If you couldn’t figure out that this was one big bullshit story from the very start, you should not be allowed to even write in a coloring book.

What Does The Environmental Defense Fund Do Besides Take My Money?

bearThe Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a “charity” with hundreds of millions in their treasure chest. They have a big website with all the bells and whistles and polar bears. They talk a lot about what they “strive for” and “aim to” and “set their sights on” — but what do they actually do? I don’t know. Do you?

Let me start off telling you that I am VERY suspicious of these tax exempt charities that throw pictures of animals at you with the hope that you are a wildlife moron — and thankfully for them — a lot of you are.

Normally I would ignore this because I don’t care what you do with your donation money, but something that the EDF has done has pissed me off in a Serial Mom kind of way.

Do you ever see the movie Serial Mom? It’s a film by JohnWaters starring Kathleen Turner. It’s about a perfect housewife who goes on a few murderous rampages when little things start to bother her. For example: Her neighbor doesn’t bother to recycle bottles and cans so Serial Mom bludgeons her to death with a leg of lamb. Get the picture?

The triviality involving the Environmental Defense Fund that has pissed me off to the point where I have decided to take a Serial Mom pot shot at them has to do with their new ad banner that I keep seeing all over the internet. IT WAS WRITTEN BY A COMPLETE ILLITERATE!

Let me gather my wits for a second. Okay, I’m better now,

The photo in the ubiquitous ad shows a baby polar bear sitting on top of its mother in some snowy, icy place. The caption reads: By 2050,  3 out of 5 polar bears will be extinct. If you don’t already know why that’s a moronic statement, do not continue to read this. But for the rest of you… attention!

The baby polar bear in the ad banner photo is NOT cold and FREEZING TO DEATH, but that’s the first thing about which the average moron is supposed to be outraged. That’s the really big and easy net that draws in the mawkish simpleton with a sentimental Visa card.

Believe it or not, the common nitwit — an overly abundant human sub-species — does not know that polar bears rarely frolic in sunny fields of clover and honey. Sure, they might have a fleeting idea that the bears live in Alaska or something like that, but even then, in the mind of a human nitwit, the Arctic is a fun snowy place where the mighty white bears slide down hills of snow and play with salmon in a stream and nibble on big bushes of yummy berries and leaves.

So let me restate this. The mama bear is resting and the baby bear is resting on top of her, but in the mind of the moronic nitwit the mama bear is dying and the baby is clinging to her in the icy cold air crying, “Mommy don’t die! Mommy don’t die!” And that’s what the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) wants you to think.

Now, these might sound like petty reasons to bash a charity, but in my world I dig a little deeper.

Polar bears are ferocious carnivores who have survived in the arctic tundra for eons. Don’t feel sorry for a polar bear just because he’s standing on frosty and frigid ice. That’s where he wants to be. That’s what polar bears do. They stand on the ice and wait for a cute little seal to take a breath through hole in the ice and then, when the seal’s head pops outta the hole, mama bear reaches in and eats’em up and then there’s blood everywhere. Mama bear and baby are stuffed with food and ready for another nap on the ice.

So — lesson one. Polar bears and their cute little babies are supposed to live on ice and they usually eat other animals who live on ice or near ice.

Now that you have this info, can anyone yet tell me what the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) does? I still don’t know. What do they do for polar bears besides nothing.  And what’s that other thing they do — uh — oh yeah –they collect money from saps and invent stories about dying polar bears.

You can google these scum bags and try to figure this all out for yourselves, but remember what Damien told you first before you drift into their magical world of snowflakes and half-baked bullshit.

Polar bears are not in trouble from the “evil white man.” In fact, they’re not even in any trouble at all. They are not declining in numbers and they have survived thousands and thousands and thousands of years of climate changes. They’re smart — leave them alone goddamit!

The only clear and present human threat to polar bears are the Eskimos and Aleutian peoples who kill them for food and fur.

Eskimos and Aleuts ( like there’s a frigging difference) kill polar bears and whales and porpoises and walruses and even Narwhals — those awesome beasts that look like unicorn whales. It’s okay to hate the Japanese whaling boat people but it’s not okay to tell the truth about these Parka-Pinheads who are still living in the Dark Ages? Get a grip, will ya!

My message to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is to stop with the bullshit stories that help to fill up your bank account. Stop with your disingenuous photos and stories. Tell the frigging truth and stop fleecing the mawkishly generous morons who don’t know enough to research through your bullshit before they hand you their credit card numbers. YOU DON’T REALLY DO ANYTHING BUT COLLECT MONEY.

And getting back to the caption on the new EDF advertisement that’s showing up as an advertisement on your page. “By 2050,  3 out of 5 polar bears will be extinct.” ß –THIS MAKES NO SENSE. If 5 out of 5 were gone, then they’d be extinct. Use some of the money you glom from morons and hire yourselves a copy editor who knows the meaning of the frigging word “EXTINCT!”