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Joey Lawrence Hair Tragedy. Now He is a Chippendale Dancer?

TheDamienZone tried so hard to help Joey Lawrence when we good-naturedly joked about his spray-on hair and ten million hair transplants, but he didn’t listen.  Why didn’t he just get a really good hairpiece?  Why?  Did we have to draw a map for you, Joey? Here is an example of a young actor who, unlike Joey Lawrence was not afraid to wear a wig in order to get a starring role in a hit web series www.imdb.com/James Di Giacomo. Here’s the

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HOAX! Mae West Quote about gays, the holocaust, Spanish Inquisition – MISQUOTE FAKE FACEBOOK HOAX.

Facebook dummies — gay ones again this month —  are still at it, and this time they’re dragging poor old Mae West into their world of misquotes and hoaxes and totally fake shit.  Mae West NEVER said what you are about to read on your Facebook page any minute now.  You may not have seen this yet, but one of your fellow idiots will “share” it with you. File this under:  “Fake facebook Quotes That Facebook Morons Share,” HERE IS THE

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Kaylin DuLuissey Banished From the USA? Exiled on Martinique?

Kaylin DuLuissey Banished From the USA? Exiled on Martinique? When we last spoke to Kaylin -Vincente DuLusissey, our favorite high-bourne Belgian nut-job, he was living in New York City and dreading the day that he would be deported back to Belgium now that his services are no longer required in the USA.   Le Pauvre Belgique, made a deal with the USA that he would get his Master’s Degree at NYU and then, with a two year window, he would leave the

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Gay Lover Falls From Roof. It Could Happen To You — just like Judy Holliday.

Remember back in the old days when the way to get maudlin attention at a funeral was to throw one’s self onto the casket and scream?  Remember that?  People probably still do it all the time, but the technology today has digitized these agonizing moments and taken them a step further — and just a teeny bit faker. Instead of throwing themselves on caskets and moaning to the heavens, “Take me, God!  Why don’t you take me,” people are throwing themselves

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Undecided Films Announces: “Angie Cumming is Coming…”

Undecided Films, LLC announced this week that they are currently in development for an Angie Cumming web series based off the short “Angie Goes On A Date” created by James Di Giacomo. Undecided Films, LLC is currently meeting with investors who are interested in funding this unconventional “Untitled Angie Cumming” project as a cable series. Presently, 6 to 12 webisodes are shooting, and the web series will be launched on the various websites that cater to webisodes. The “Untitled Angie Cumming Project” will then use

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AOL mail is down today because AOL SUCKS!

If you are trying to access your AOL.com mail — forget it — it doesn’t work.  AOL is currently not working and one wonders when the day will finally come when this relic of the internet packs it in for good.   AOL is now a slave to Huffington and the once giant of internet email is now a sad vestige of its former self. I urge all AOL people who cling to that old email address to simply drop it and

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How to make a Billion dollars off of Marilyn Monroe’s dead body.

Wanna make a half a billion dollars? First, get a Doctor of Divinity Degree online.  It’s better to also get a PhD in anthropology too, but who has the time for that? Okay, then create your own church and declare Marilyn Monroe a prophet in your church. Then buy the rites to Marilyn Monroe’s remains, $2 million oughta do it because the current people who have the rights to her “image” are money hungry scum bags. Then, exhume whatever is left of

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Great Quote from Whitney Houston. RIP.

This was a nice thing for Whitney to say.  She said it from the heart. 

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