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Adam Carolla Plastic Surgery? Adam Carolla Facelift?

Comic Adam Carolla who now works as a news reporter and pundit for Bill O’reilly on THE O’REILLY FACTOR — a FOX NEWS opinion and editiorial show, has obviously had a lot of plastic surgery.  His face is stretched and pulled and his eyes can barely open — and some viewers are so shcoked that some believe that the person who comes on the air and calls himself Adam Carolla is actually an imppostor. “Adam seems to have had a huge

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What Are Bob Ross Paintings Worth? A Bob Ross Painting Sold in Aspen for $2 MILLION.

What Are Bob Ross Paintings Worth? A Bob Ross Painting Sold in Aspen for $2 MILLION. Bob Ross, the fluffy-headed and soft-spoken TV painter who taught a generation of people how to paint with his TV show, “The Joy Of Painting” would have been 76 years old now if he were still alive.  Sadly the gentle guy who was hated by art “experts” for quickly drawing and painting “happy little farm houses” surrounded by “old and grouchy trees” went to the

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Mario Lopez Plastic Surgery? You be the judge.

Recent photographs have surfaced that seem to suggest that “Saved By The Bell’s”  Mario Lopez may have had his youthful good looks saved by the plastic surgeon.  In two recent photos, it is easy to see where Mario Lopez may have had significant work done on his face.  His eyes were getting aged as was his overall face, but suddenly he is back to looking like a teenager.  Maybe it’s fatherhood — or maybe it’s something else. Here are some closer pictures

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Bill O’reilly Jumps The Shark. Bill O’reilly Attacks Laura Ingraham. Is Bill O’reilly Losing His Mind?

“He was worse than a bully.  He was an angry and rude child.  It was painful to watch.  I would say, that Bill O’reilly is doing what people now refer to as ‘jumping the shark’ and now is a good time for another network to challenge him.  He knew that “bible thumping’ was a deragatory expression, but he would not back down.  He held his breath until he turned blue.  It’s his ball and his bat and his backyard and

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The Story of Viral Video Dancing Grandma Nana — The Tragedy That Followed

Dancing Grandma, a Facebook share that has been spreading throughout the USA shows an elderly woman dancing to the sounds of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons*, but what it doesn’t show is what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. It was a horrible tragedy. *EDITOR’S NOTE:  The singer is actually Dion DiMucci, formerly of Dion and the Belmonts — not Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Thanks to Greg K for that inside info. 89-year-old Concetta Carpestrollo, had just

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Valerie Harper is Dying. What Kind of Cancer Does Valerie Harper Have?

Valerie Harper, the iconic actress who played Rhoda Morgenstern on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and may have as little as three months to live, according to People magazine. Harper, 73, who also starred in the spin-off “Rhoda,” told the magazine she has leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread into the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. Harper says she got the diagnosis after feeling numbness in her jaw during

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Sean Penn and Oliver Stone Mourn Chavez. Both Share Same Mental Illness.

As hundreds of thousands of mindless and poverty-stricken Venezuelans marched the streets to honor the memory of their ersatz dictator Hugo Chavez, Hollywood’s two biggest liberals issued statements that would have put them on Senator Joseph McCarthy’s list of anti-American enemies of the State had they lived during a time when Americans had more self-respect and dignity. The two Hollywood personalities in question are Sean Penn and Oliver Stone.  They should be jailed for life because they are too stupid to live with normal people.

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The Truth About Rory McMcIlroy – The Real Reason He Quit the Honda Classic.

“Congratulations to Michael Thompson, who beat a top field at the Honda Classic for the 27-year-old’s first PGA Tour win, and now officially becomes, ‘Oh, That Guy Who Won The Week Rory McIlroy Walked Off The Golf Course.’ That stupid Irish jerk is melting down because his lassie back home in old Killkenny-Karny called to say that she had dumped him and that he was nothing but a washed-up, ugly,  leprechaun.”  [Chinley O’Connor, Head Golf Pro at  the Ridge Theiss Patrol and Golf Club]

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