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Psychotic parents refuse to raise baby “Storm” as either male or female.

“It is nothing if not an unorthodox approach to child rearing and maybe a sick way to get a reality show deal. ” [Damien LeGallienne] A psychotic Toronto couple says they are trying to raise a genderless child and they’re refusing to reveal baby Storm’s sex to encourage a more neutral approach to the infant.  In other words, they are f**king up their kid from the very beginning. Hiding the 4-month-old’s sex from the outside world is a “tribute to freedom and choice”

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Robert De Niro is an Asshole.

Robert DeNiro is an asshole — at least that’s what a lot of people think.  I guess playing a gangster too many times has gone to his head. NOTE: PIcture of DeNiro pushing around a Hollywood writer who called him an asshole to his face – D D. Matt Gets shoved and pushed by De Niro   <—Click here.  He’s trying really hard to make his public persona so different from his on-film persona that he has gone over the edge. “He might really

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I know that many people do like to shoot things. For some, this is not just pleasure, but necessity. However, some question why they insist on putting films of these shootings out in public. Who wants to see you singing in the bath with your rubber duck? And who wants to see Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons shooting an elephant and posing proudly over its dead body whhile his black t-shirt reveals his man boobs which look more like old

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Jon Bon Jovi — New Jersey property tax scammer?

Jersey Rocker Jon Bon Jovi says he loves New Jersey, but why does he rip off the taxpayers by living in a mansion in a very high property tax New Jersey neighborhood and only pay $200 a year for property tax?  His neighbors with less property and much smaller homes pay close to $50,000 per year.  Well, the buzz is all about bees and loopholes and just plain old being a scum bag! This guy is one of Jon Bon

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New York Catskill Mountains – BIGFOOT HOTSPOT!

New York Catskill Mountains – BIGFOOT HOTSPOT! After years of speculation that something was “going on out there,”  residents and past visitors to the Northern Catskill Mountains are starting to be taken seriously about a Bigfoot-like creature many  reported to have seen.   To date there have been hundreds of police reports, and the sightings are becoming more and more frequent in this lush area of mountains, hills and forests “I filed a report with the local police over ten years

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The Academy Awards Are Gay.

The Academy Awards are gay!     Well, according to Imaginary Investigators and Life Partners co-owners Benjamin Switchy and Sheldon Hartunis — both of whom are gay — the Oscars are gay and any man who catches himself interested in them is probably gay too.  “The Oscars are very gay oriented,” said Benjamin Switchy from his room at The Modrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.  “They are so gay that every time one guy gives another guy a blow job, the Motion

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Hardcore Pawn — worst show in the history of television.

“HARDCORE PAWN”  is a TV show on TruTv — it’s about a pawnshop in Detroit that seems to be the size of a football field.   It is run by a guy named Les Gold, his son Seth and his daughter Ashely.  They have a  lot of employees and a lot of big burly (many of them black) security guards who have the job of throwing out any customer who becomes unruly –  (that would be just about every customer — real or actor

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Astrologer picks winning Powerball numbers. TheDamienZone.com

 “God gave me a gift but I will never use that gift for profit or gain lest I burn in hell as a sorcerer.”    Countess Maria DeRenzatto after being told that the numbers she predicted for Capricorns were the winning numbers in a recent multimillion dollar lottery drawing. [Countess DeRenzatto].    Astrologer, A Reclusive Countess in exile, picks winning Powerball numbers. TheDamienZone.com An Italian Countess who lives quietly in a small, New Jersey apartment, publicly predicted the winning Powerball numbers for Capricorners

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