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Seth MacFarlane’s Toupee or Hairpiece Shocks Academy Award Viewers.

{LOS ANGELES, CA 9:52pmEST}  Academy Award watchers were shocked to see that this year’s host Seth MacFarlane took the stage wearing the worst toupee in the history of Hollywood toupees.  The hairpiece he was wearing was so bad that only moments before the show started,  makeup and hair people associated with show begged the balding voice of Family Guy to let them fit him with a better hairpiece, but he refused and assumed they were joking. “Seth is in serious denial.  His hairpiece

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Web Series Star, Angelina Jones to host SNL on March 23, 2013 With Musical Guest Bruno Mars.

He may have sold a zillion records and he’s probably the biggest thing to come out of Hawaii since canned Pineapples, but singing star Bruno Mars might have to pump up his star power a few notches when  he appears as the “musical guest” on NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this coming March 23rd.   Seems Mars might get sent into another orbit by the host for that night’s show — none other than webseries star Angelina Jones. Yes, it’s true, the

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The Super Bowl is supposed to be America’s big night of ultimate USA-ness, but what happened tonight?  What was the deal with the commercials and that stupid and loud and nothing-ness thing that passed for a half-time show from a Byonce — a singer who has no real talent — and she has fat thighs.  How was any of this family oriented?   Is the average family vulgar and crude and tasteless?  Is this how low the USA has sunk or is it just HOLLYWOOD

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Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig?

Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig? While everyone will be staring at First Lady Michelle Obama’s newest hairstyle, Leona Singletary (aka Leona LaTour) sat sadly with her daughter in  Leona’s Hair Salon, the Baltimore wig and hair extension salon where she fitted the First Lady with the wig she will wear to Donald Trump’s inauguration. Leona, in spite of her diabetes and hypertension, was not invited to the festivities and the First Lady wanted to keep the 67-year

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Les Gold From Hardcore Pawn has Rare Disease?

“His gait and overall physique is very ape-like because of his stooped hunchback that can never be fixed.  He is suffering from a disease called S.T.O.O.P.S, and he will only get worse and worse as he ages and eventually he will look like a human fetus.  It’s sad and ironic because the spinal affliction that makes him walk like a baboon, is also the affliction that causes him to stare angrily at customers while he is negotiating a deal on something made of gold.”

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Ashley From Hardcore Pawn in Big Budget Motion Picture.

[HOLLYWOOD, CA 7:39pm PST] – She might be annoying and screechy and mushy-faced and a little chunky, but Ashley from the reality show HARDCORE PAWN has been signed to play the part of the diamond expert “Vanda Carlisle” in the mega-budget, Harvey Weinstein remake of the classic James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever.”  The new version will be called, “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER…and EVER” and filming begins in Paris sometime in June 2013. “People only know Ashley from her work with her father and brother

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Ben Affleck’s Wig Obvious at Golden Globes.

[BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA 7:55 PST]  Ben Affleck won a GoldenGlobe and was quickly congratulated by confirmed bachelor, GEORGE CLOONEY, who did not mention the fact that Ben’s wig has moved forward several millimeters since the last time he appeared on the screen. It was very nice of George — the confirmed bachelor — to not mention about the wig.  It shows that he and Ben have a kind of brotherhood and a really close friendship, but medical people —

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Lena Dunham Wins Golden Globe Because She is PLAIN and KIND OF FAT.

Even the Hollywood Foreign Press has fallen prey to what TheDamienZone calls, “The Gabourey Sidibe Syndrome.”  The voted Lena Dunham as best actress simply because she is fat and plain and her dress looked like drapes at a Puerto Rican wedding hall. Lena Dunham hasn’t really shown any talent — she’s just fat and kind of homely in a plain Jane kinda way, and for that she rewarded. Truth be told, none of the nominated actresses or actors in any category

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