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“It’s the most shocking plot twist in the history of plot twists.  I’m just messing with you.  How the hell should I know how it ends?” [ Bruce Willis talking about the upcoming final episode of Breaking Bad which airs tonight on AMC.] Tonight marks the grand finale of the mega hit “Breaking Bad” and all we can tell you is to be prepared for a major plot twist at the very end. TheDamienZone.com could make a fortune revealing this

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Anti Gay Salvation Army Story – HOAX. Gays Put To Death HOAX.

Just because you’re a gay man doesn’t mean you are immune to being tacky and stupid – and so many of us are tacky and stupid. It’s humiliating.” [Kaylin-Vincente DuLuissey,  gay socialite 23 Sept, 2013] It’s Christmas time again and the gay smear merchants are back in full regalia to again bash the Salvation Army because …NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. According to the gay folks we spoke to — those involved in charity work — some outspoken and mindless gays

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Very Creepy Aryan Toaster Strudel Commercial.


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Creepy Aryan Toaster Strudel Kid — kicks down door like Gestapo child.

Toaster Strudel is a very popular quick breakfast treat, and it’s a great idea in a pinch when guests stay over and you need to put out something that goes great with coffee. It’s very….Continental and it goes with eggs and bacon and toast and Aryan Supremacy. What? Did I just say, Aryan Supremacy? Unfortunately, I did. I said it because anyone who has seen the latest Toaster Strudel commercial might have noticed that the product now has it’s own

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Lady Gaga and Joey Lawrence are in love? That’s the Hollywood Gossip.

Veteran TV actor and musician Joey Lawrence and controversial singer-songwriter Lady Gaga seem to be spending a lot of quality time together, and it first it was assumed around Hollywood that the two were planning a concert tour or something. But now it’s pretty obvious that Joey and Gaga are an item — and tongues are wagging. At first glance Joey Lawrence and Lady Gaga seem to be an odd pairing. He’s a family-oriented kind of actor who has been

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John Cleese’s Take On Syria is a HOAX! John Cleese quote about Syria is FAKE!

Does the dumbness ever end?  First it was the mega-hit Facebook hoax about Bettty White and her talking balls and vaginas. Then it was the endless barrage of fake Dalai Lama quotes and Chairman Mao quotes and Castro quotes and Mother Teresa quotes —  and now it’s a whole new thing.   It’s poor old John Cleese — you know — the only guy from Monty Python who is still famous?  He is the latest victim. There is a story floating

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THE TOP 5 MOST UNFUNNY COMEDIANS IN THE USA. 1) Joe Rogan — This guy is the epitome of unfunny. The reasons why he is unfunny are vague, and the vagueness explains why his handful of fans are so mercilessly dedicated to him. He’s “squirmy unfunny” — like Howard Stern used to be if you listen to his old stuff — and that’s where Rogan belongs. He belongs on Howard Stern circa 1989 — that’s how far his comedy has

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What’s Up With Miley Cyrus? Is She Having a Meltdown? One Doctor Explains.

“In any event, in these so-called Old-Stock White Americans, there is a very high incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction, and this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Hillbilly or Mountain culture — and let’s be frank — this is what we are talking about here. The history of country music alone is a history of alcoholism and drug addiction and hyper-sexuality. Now it’s spreading. ” [Jack Portuguese MD – Geneticist.] Is Miley Cyrus having a

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