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Are you a bad boss? Do you have a bad boss?

According to studies, these are the five sure signs that you are a bad boss or you work for a bad boss..  If you are too arrogant to believe that you could be bad, stop reading this freaking list.  The first boss I ever had was a total a-hole and that’s why I worked for myself — glad I did.  I feel sorry for people who are stuck with douche-bags like this. 1. Most of your emails are one-word long.

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Earthquake in New Zealand — worse than previously thought.

 Office workers trapped under their collapsed buildings sent messages to the outside as rescuers with dogs scrambled to save them and dozens of others following a powerful earthquake that killed at least 65 in one of New Zealand’s largest cities. At least 100 people were reportedly missing and believed buried. Search teams assisted by floodlights and earth movers worked through dawn Wednesday, trying to dig through crumbled concrete, twisted metal and huge mounds of brick. Medical workers brought the injured

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Somali Pirates Kill Americans.

Four hostages on board a yacht hijacked by pirates last week were killed by their captors, U.S. Central Command said in a statement Tuesday. The vessel, named the Quest, was being shadowed by the military after being captured by pirates off the coast of Oman on Friday. Officials had said earlier Tuesday it was less than two days from the Somali coast. Americans Jean and Scott Adam — the owners of the ship — along with Phyllis Macay and Bob

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“Melissa and Joey” Reviewed — this is hilarious!

Copyright 2010 TheDamienZone.com — please do not watch this if you are a fan of Joey Lawrence.

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Justin Bieber – Haircut reveals that Bieber is UGLY!

Justin Bieber has a new haircut — and it’s ugly.  The mop-headed Baby Gaga has gone from early 1970s Popsicle throwback to every haircut you see in the young-hip-edgy-cool but outta style- world.  His career is moving towards Overs-ville because the new and uninspired hair-doo reveals that Justin is actually a little beat in the face — maybe even a lot beat in the face.  He looks queenie —  like he should be in a high school drama club or something. “I

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Trevor Bayne finally made a mistake. Fortunately for him, it didn’t happen until he missed the turn pulling into Victory Lane at the Daytona 500. The youngest driver to win the Great American Race gave the historic Wood Brothers team its fifth Daytona 500 victory — its first since 1976 with David Pearson — and Bayne did it in a No. 21 Ford that was retrofitted to resemble Pearson’s famed ride. In just his second Sprint Cup start, the 20-year-old

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“Isn’t he dreamy and adorable and do-able,” said Connor Crawley from his trailer/beauty parlour  in Munistowne, Kentucky.  “He is the hottest NASCAR driver to come around in like forever, honey.  I look at him and wish I knew how to change my oil or something.” Seems that the boyish face of Jefferey Earnhardt is lighting up the flames of gay desire for flyover gays from West Virginia all the way until you get on over to them there weirdos in California.  The

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The State Farm Guy — who is he? Who is the State Farm Guy?

You see him about 100 times a day and you’re sick of the way he strains his face to INSURE that his dimples are prominently featured.    And if you listen hard enough you can hear that he has a slight trace of an accent.   He looks like he might be a little chubby and sometimes his head looks big and wide — other times he looks like a fashion model — you never know what you will get from the State

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