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Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence.

Nicolas Cage. the over-actor who has the most unusual fake hairline in the world, was arrested in Louisiana early Saturday morning, following an altercation with his wife of six years, Alice.  She should change her name to Alice Kramden because Nick is about to send her to the moon — BANG!  ZOOM! The incident that led to the arrest was a rather public one: According to witnesses, the Oscar winner was “very drunk” on a New Orleans street when a taxi driver

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What is the story of Palm Sunday?

The Sunday before Easter is known in the Christian world as Palm Sunday. It marks the return of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem exactly one week before his resurrection, and Christians use Palm Sunday to begin the holiest week of their year, which culminates on Easter Sunday.  Thusly, Palm Sunday is the Sunday prior to whichever Sunday is designated as Easter Sunday. The four gospels in the Bible describe how Christ and his disciples returned to Jerusalem for the Jewish feast

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Unfunny, Crass, Disrespectful, Atheist Coward, Ricky Gervais — a transexual look-alike.

The law of American gravity states that it’s virtually impossible for a Brit to come to the USA and not impress us with his/her warmth, charm, styles and sophistication — but sadly now there is an exception. Unfunny, failed-in-the-USA, comic and androgen-impaired, Ricky Gervais just can’t keep his ill-formed and transsexual mouth shut, and with Easter approaching, the world’s only unfunny British comic had to get in his digs against Christianity and religion in general.  He has learned the important lesson that mocking

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Bon Jovi Bee Farmer has a lot of Jewelry.

The riverside home of rocker Jon Bon Jovi and properties of his Navesink River Road neighbors were burglarized by a Beachwood man accused of heisting more than $500,000 in jewelry from the homes over the past month, police said.  It pays to be a fake farmer along this stretch of New Jersey’s Beverly Hills because a lot of these “farmers” have an awful lot of jewelry. Nicholas J. Tracy, 21, of Clubhouse Road in Beachwood, was arrested Wednesday, after a

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Pia Toscano and Stefano Langone in new “JERSEY SHORE” movie.

“She is so pretty and full of life  and she has a new kind of energy.  That’s why we decided that she should sing the new theme song for MTV’s Jersey Shore,” said  Carson McCullugh, a source close to the team of producers who are revamping “Jersey Shore” for next seasons smashing debut.” The singer McCullagh was talking about is none other than voted-off American Idol favorite Pia Toscano. The new Jersey Shore season will kick off with a unique concert on the beach at

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Extreme Coupons, Couponers and Couponing: A Serious Mental Illness.

Psychiatrists in the USA are seeing an increase in people who call themselves, “Extreme Couponers.”    These are people who comb through every newspaper and store circular and online coupon site for the best deals on supermarket items.   A recent show on TLC showcases these individuals who had previously lived in a kind of secret society — but it’s a society of one and that “one” could very well be suffering from serious mental illness. Pictures of extreme couponers here —–> Direct photo “Many extreme

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Man with Biggest Head In The World on Match Game ’75.

The man with the biggest head in the world once made an appearance on the popular game show “Match Game 75”  but since that show aired nearly forty years ago, nobody knows what happened to Brad Alexander – did his head get bigger?  Is he still alive?  Has his head been surgically repaired and made smaller?  The big question is, “How did the people of The United States let a man with a head that big get away without duly noting

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Stupid Cop Pepper Sprays a Baby Squirrel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7eDhdEd8zrg I apologize for the fact this turns out to be just a link but the scum bags over at YouTube decided that they could make money off of an animal’s misfortune and turned off the embedding — even if I delete this post it will appear on a Google search and you would just be sitting there waiting for nothing to load — I do love my readers 🙂   Damien

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