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UPDATE! Anthony Weiner shirtless pics reveal new huge male nipples.

UPDATE:  Anthony Weiner, the congressman who was sexting with young women because he harboured issues about not having nipples — see the link below the picture to see him when he had no nipples.  http://thedamienzone.com/2011/06/06/shirtless-anthony-weiner-pics-show-weiner-needs-nipple-enhancement/ . Recent surgery in Germany has given Weiner large nipples like his childhood idol Fabio and perhaps now he will be able to feel secure with his ample nippl-age and he will no longer have to sext over Twitter because he has confide

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Shirtless Anthony Weiner Pics Show: Weiner Needs Nipple Enhancement.

“He should have stuck with sending out pictures of his crotch because the shirtless pec pics show that he’s got no nipples.” said Sheldon Hartunis, an expert in Male Nipple Morphology and the head of Fetish Studies at The University of California’s School for Nutrition Science and Male Nipple studies. “Weiner was probably lashing out at society and women in general because his nipple-less torso probably made him the brunt of many jokes as child growing up in a world

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UPDATE: Italian Judge Accidentally Deports Snooki to Chile.

UPDATE:  (ROME 7:30am)–   There seems to have been a mixup in an Italian court and a judge issued papers for Snooki to be deported to Chile despite the fact that she is American.  “The judge looked at the charges and the looked at Snooki’s personal file,” said a source close to the Italian ministry of High Justice.  “Her place of birth is listed as Chile and the judge simply assumed that she was Chilean.   After examining the charges he ordered her

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Snooki deported from Italy!

BREAKING NEWS!  Snooki, the little smusher from Jersey Shore has been deported from Italy.  Reports are coming in and will be updated hourly.

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Rosetta Stone Is A Rip Off. That’s No Way To Learn A Language.

Back in the old days, when people thought they could learn a language in a few months, they bought this thing called The Berlitz Method.  It was a bunch of heavy albums and books.  Just like weight loss equipment, about 99% of this crap ended up in the trash or in the attic within a month or so because — and listen carefully — YOU CAN’T LEARN A LANGUAGE LISTENING TO TAPES OR RECORDS AND READING BOOKS. You see, in the

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Deadly New E-Coli. Will It Spread To The USA?

 Scientists on Thursday blamed Europe’s worst recorded food-poisoning outbreak on a “super-toxic” strain of E. coli bacteria that may be brand new.  The threat of it spreading to the USA is not known, but raw vegetables served on international flights might cause the bacteria to spread. Suspicion has fallen on raw tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce as the source of the germ, and researchers have been unable to pinpoint the food responsible for the frightening illness, which has killed at least

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Japanese Whale Killers. Tsunami is KARMA !

In what might be the greatest example of Karma coming back to kick you in the ass, the whales of the world have announced that they worked in harmony to create the earthquake and the tsunami that beat the crap out of Japan on 11 March 2011. “Japan likes to kill us and we decided to get even,” said Fudgy The Whale from his summer home in Maui, USA.  “A bunch of us — maybe close to a million of

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How To Facebook Properly When You’re Over Forty.

Facebook is here to stay and while I think it’s a diabolical time stealer, it has a purpose.    It’s nice to meet up again with old friends and family and it’s fun to catch up on old times, but there are pitfalls that can beleaguer many Facebookers who sign on after the age of 40.  You can make a lot of painful mistakes.  You can hurt your own or  —  someone else’s  self-esteem and you can just plain old screw up

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