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Clarence Clemons Gravely Ill — E Street Band Members Hurry To His Bedside.

A source close to Clarence Clemons has confirmed that he has suffered a stroke. The source, who offered the information on the condition of not being identified, did not know how serious the stroke was, but other sources say that he is gravely ill that all emembers should hurry to Florida to see Clemons — he migh be near death. Veteran entertainment journalist Roger Friedman wrote that the beloved saxophonist, known as the Big Man, had suffered a stroke at his

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When you watch a TV show or a movie there is always a disclaimer — especially in film — where they say, “NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS MOVIE.”   Seems, however that reality shows are ignoring this rule and there might be some legal-loophole shenanigans going on — somebody oughta look into it. It started with the ever-pompous PBS and their TV reality show (they didn’t like to call it that at PBS) Prairie Life — or

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Seth on Hardcore Pawn is a PUNK!

Hardcore Pawn is the worst show on television because it not only stole the idea from another show, it showcases greed and exploitation at its highest level. Notwithstanding the extreme scumminess of Les Gold, the owner of the show — you can’t leave out his weasel-face son who is probably the most annoying little punk on TV next to his whining mush face sister what’s her name.    One day one of those bruthus he likes to low-ball with prices because he

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Huffington Post scum bags digging through Palin Emails in search of anything.

I have made no secret of the fact that I despise Arianna Huffington — we all know what she is — a Greek parasite who will do anything to get in the American spotlight so that she just doesn’t have to go back to Greece and make Souvlaki at a Gyro stand.  She’s run out of gay Americans to marry to get citizenship.  She’s run out of people to plagiarize  and she has run out of political leanings to get

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Planet Honda commercials on NJ television are very gay.

The salesmen/owners/managers or whoever else makes these Planet Honda Commercials have a certain queeniness about them and that one guy with the salt and pepper hair who appears at the end with the closing super hero costume look and acts so queenie!   He even got in a commercial where he gets to show his flabby hairy old man chest — he thinks he’s hot but the commercials suck and they all come off like queens — especially this guy pictured.  

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Brian Keith — Horrible Toupee in “The Parent Trap”

Brain Keith, the late actor and star of the stupid 60s sitcom “Family Affair” also played the dad in the original version of The Parent Trap starring Hayley Mills — not the newer one with that drug addict drunk Lindsay Lohan. Anyway, while The Parent Trap was being filmed back in the early 1960s, Brain keith wore what was probably the worst toupee in the history of cinema.    At one point during filming he was so disturbed by the way the

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Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble Worry Worry Worry Dog Commercial.

Dear Damien I don’t like the commercial where the doggie can’t sleep and he has trouble trouble trouble trouble and then he can’t find his bone,  I feel sorry for the doggie and I want them to stop showing that commercial on TV because the doggie is cute and he should not have trouble.  Can you help me? Alicia – Age 8 – Wichita, Kansas. I agree with you Alicia and I think we should just turn off the the TV when

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A woman with the largest fever blister (cold sore) in the history of the world asked TheDamienZone what she could do to get rid of the darn thing once she caught us snapping a picture of her through the window of  NYC restaurant. First of all she should not have been out in public with that barnacle on her lip because the sore was wet and oozy — that means it’s shedding Herpes Simplex 1 virus particles all over the

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