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June 19, 2011 — Amy Winehouse F**Ked up in Belgrade concert — Watch the Videos.

Amy Winehouse tried in Belgrade to launch a comeback tour this weekend, but she was so messed up she she couldn’t even sing.  One Serbian publication called it “the worst” concert that locals have ever seen. Tickets were very expensive especially for Belgrade where the average person earns perhpas the lowest wages in Europe. A backup singer had to take over the show on songs that Amy couldn’t even get out.  She was struggling with, and the people booed the staggering singer.   Winehouse threw her mic

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Insiders say: Joey Lawrence Lied To Chelsea Handler About NOT Being Bald.

Recently Joey Lawrence appeared on Chelsea Lately and the very first thing that was addressed was the fact that he was NOT going bald.  Joey went on to explain how he shaved his head for a part in a TV show and how he stuck with it —-some say,” LIE!” According to people in the know, Joey is almost completely bald and has undergone a series of hair transplants and the Chelsea Handler spot was a set-up because after that show aired in

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TheDamienZone.com The Very First To Leak Weiner Resignation.

We were on top of the Weiner resignation this morning at 9:30am EDT — here is the story as we publish it this morning. http://thedamienzone.com/2011/06/16/anthony-weiner-announces-resignation/

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Anthony Weiner Announces Resignation. Will Tour as Ramses II Impersonator.

Disgraced NY Congressman Anthony Weiner has announced his resignation.  In a statement prepared for him by TheDamienZone, Weiner announced that he is resigned to several facts. “My fellow New Yorkers.  I have done some pretty low rent things in the past few years and a few of them have come to light in the past few weeks.  I sent out pictures of my underwear wherein the head and basic shape of my penis was well-defined.  I am resigned to the

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The Little Animal Children Who Really Run Reddit.com — ASSHOLES.

There’s this website called Reddit.com.  I’m not exactly sure but I think it’s a place where failing college kids from fukked up homes  kind of hang out and decide what is read-worthy on  the net.    My experience with Reddit has been limited other than to say that a few of the links on TheDamienZone.com have been posted to that site.  The feedback I got from the submitters was appalling.   The whole website seems to have been taken over by marauding little

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Toddlers and Tiaras is child abuse.

I’m sorry but I cannot understand any woman who would enter her toddler in a beauty pageant. Actually, no I’m not sorry. You should be locked up if you’re bleaching your kid’s hair, spray-tanning her, shoving a set of dentures in her mouth and painting her to look like a hooker. What is wrong with you? I just read this article in TV Guide, written by Rich Juzwiak, about how the mother of Toddler’s & Tiara’s star Eden Wood thinks

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Drug Companies: Not As Evil As Most People Think.

Drug Companies: Not As Evil As Most People Think. The pharmaceutical industry’s relationship with the American public is strange.  A lot of people hate them out of ignorance and a lot of people who hate them are alive today because of something that was invented on the thin dime of a pharmaceutical company.  It’s a goofy paradox. The average response will be, “Thin dime?  What the hell is Damien talking about?  Pharmaceutical companies make billions and billions of dollars and they

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The New Mary Tyler Moore. More Than Just Plastic Surgery.

The New Mary Tyler Moore. More Than Just Plastic Surgery. “It was a lot of work, but we think that the finished Mary Tyler Moore came out working and looking really well,” said Benjamin Switchy, the head of Robotic Technology at Reanimatron Celebrity Reconstruction, a company that fits old celebrities with new parts and keeps them alive indefinitely so that they can spend and enjoy all the millions of dollars they have accumulated over the years. “We had a hard

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