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New Jersey Family Unexplained UFO: Part 3

While I was preparing and organizing the material for part 2 which has now become part 3, I got a few emails that I feel I should address. I know the location of the hotel and it may have seemed as though I did not.  I am aware of the hotel and while it is an expensive hotel, it is not a name brand hotel in that it is not an iconic New York landmark or anything of that nature.

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New Jersey Family Unexplained UFO: Part 2

DISCLAIMER:  This copy of my article was originally banned from distribution by an organization which I have been advised to not (never) mention, but when it was returned to me in a form “they” deemed publishable, it was so heavily edited that it made no sense to even put it up.  On the advice of my attorney I am going to publish the second part in its semi-entirety with minor edits.  Each time it is taken down, I will put

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Facebook DO NOT ADD IS A HOAX! Jason Allen, Linda Smith, Jason Lee

Hoax message circulating among Facebook users warns that accepting friend requests from members named Linda Smith, Jason Lee, Jason Allen, or Amy Allen will cause a virus to be downloaded to your computer.  This is just more mindless junk that mindless people believe and post on their facebook pages.  IT’S A HOAX! Description: Facebook virus hoax Circulating since: April 2011 – again Dec 2011 Status: TOTALLY False Example #1: Facebook posting submitted by Ann S., June 30, 2011: ALL FACEBOOK USERS**… DO

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Korea’s Kim Jong Un Gets Pec Implant Operation and “Brooklyn Fade” Haircut.

North Korea, the country with no electric lights, and run by the lumpy and frumpy heir Kim Jong Un, its supreme leader, annnounced at a huge rally on Thursday in Pyongyang that after nearly two years of national mourning for his father, the completion of a pec implant surgery and various other plastic surgeries on the young leader had been completed. Korean surgeons, working by the diesel engine generated light that they can afford in the evening, worked feverishly to enlarge the younger Kim Jong’s pectoral and biceps muscles with silicone pec

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Bill Maher Tebow Satan and Hitler.

Let’s see — one guy is a godless ugly and unfunny and untalented and the other is a goodlooking NFL quarterback — which one tweeted about Satan and Hitler? Bill Maher is a slime.  He is the lowest thing a person can be — and yet he has fans — losers.

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Finland reports: Adam Lambert fight with gay lover.

Without all his makeup, Adam Lambert is an acne scarred ugly queen.  Without special micorphones and sound stabilizers, he can’t sing.  Without police intervention he would have beat the living shit out of his little bit of a thing — a wafer-thin boyfriend — a guy named Sauli Koshkinen who is almost as fugly and queenie as Adam Lambert.  The two big queens deserve each other. According to reports, former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert got thrown into a Finnish jail for an overnight stay

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Kim Jong il — secret sex life revealed.

Now that he is dead as a doornail, it can be revealed that Korean dictator Kim Jon Il used to be a live action sex webcam guy.  He went under the name of VellyVellyHungGuy or Kim Jong the Dong, and he was available for private  online screenings for $100.00 per minute on a website called HuskyAsianDaddies.com — they accepted Visa or Mastercard. More pics of Kim Jon Il at a spa  D.kimjongpics “I remember once that I found him on

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James Franco at NYU – Doesn’t show up for class and gets the Professor fired?

If you were paying attention months ago, TheDamienZone.com told you that James Franco was loafing through an imaginary school world at NYU where he was getting top grades and the results of his IQ test were so high  that they were being held in a vault at Fort Knox — baloney.  James Franco is a fuktard and now he has been accused of getting a very good professor fired from his job at NYU because — and get this —

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