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ASHLEY JUDD -UNEDUCATED SKANK – SLURS TRUMP “She reminds me of the character Veda Pierce in the Joan Crawford movie, MILDRED PIERCE.  She’s a pretentious ingrate who tries to deny her own truth and her mother because she wants to belong to satanic Hollywood.  She fits right in with those evil monsters.” [Dr. Mildred Sclafani.  Producer-Director] [DAMIEN LeGALLIENNE, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM] – Ashley Judd represented Middle-America today by sharing the stage with fat and disgusting Michael Moore and a host of other

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TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why.

TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why. If you’ve been wondering why TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, once perhaps the finest network on cable TV, is starting to stink like a rotten fish, you need look no further than the new faces who are now working there both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  The new blood seems to have no knowledge of film and no taste in film.  Instead, they subliminally flaunt a sick fixation for focusing on phony diversity, crappy movies,

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Meryl Streep and Other Actors Suffering From a Form of Autism

Meryl Streep and Other Actors Suffering From a Form of Autism According to a somewhat shocking revelation from the worlds of both Psychiatric Medicine(1) and Developmental Biology, the average American with basic social skills and academic acumen — which need not include college or post graduate education — will hear or read the words spoken by Meryl Streep at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards and come away with two different opinions according to the recent discovery of a new frame of autism(2) that seems

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First off, let’s call a spade a spade. Here is the TWEET.   ROB REINER – NANCY SINATRA — TWO TWITTER ASSHOLES HERE IS THE TWEET:   Nancy Sinatra is only famous because her father was Frank Sinatra.  She had no talent and no looks.   She is now an old and horrifying asshole who says stupid and uninformed shit on Twitter because she’s basically an idiot who grew up in the booze-soaked bubble of the over-hyped and shit-wipe world of

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Zsa Zsa Gabor’s corpse is not even cold yet, but her high camp moment of slapping a Beverly Hills cop  has been topped by two frumpy, New-Yawk-Values-Lawyuhs – husband and husband — — who seemed to have gone off on a bitchy rage on a JetBlue flight bound for Florida. BUTT HURT BITCHY QUEENS BOARD BLUE and Harass Ivanka Trump? [Damien LeGallienne, Brussels]  Seems husband and husband were butt hurt by the outcome of the Presidential election so they made a

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MIKE LINDELL IS TRULY THE “INVENTURE” of MY PILLOW. You know him as the guy from those MY PILLOW commercials that air 24 hours per day, but if you watch and listen carefully to his commercials you might spot something more about Mike Lindell — he’s more than an INVENTOR upon whom you can rest your weary head. Listen carefully to when he says in his ads:  “Hi, I’m Mike Lindell – INVENTURE – of My Pillow.”  If you thought

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What To Tell Your Children When They Ask About Trump

What To Tell Your Children When They Ask About Trump [Damien LeGallienne] Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States and there is a very good possibility that his Presidency will have a very profound effect on the future of our children.  So what do you, as a proud and intelligent American,  say when your kids ask you about President Trump? How do you explain how he rose to power?   What do we teach our children, and what

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@NancySinatra says “RISE UP” now 5 #Policemen are dead.

Nancy Sinatra Calls for Civil Unrest and Rioting in Baton Rouge ? Hollywood’s oldest has-been-who-never-was NANCY SINATRA, who looks more leathery than her old go-go boots, is not only a political moron and an overall no-talent jackass, she is also a trouble-maker who seems to be inciting riots and civil unrest via her Twitter account.     In the matter of Alton Sterling,   Nancy has told her followers – and Americans in general – to “rise up”  — rise

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