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George W. Bush and Barack Obama discuss Ground Zero Mosque ..and then go bowling.

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STEVE SLATER: They’re going to crucify this queen.

We at TheDamienZone.com pride ourselves on our intuition.  After all, we are not human beings and it’s so easy for us to see through human behavior and motivation.   We know when people are up to no good and this is why we knew that Steve Slater, the nutty queen who threw herself down an emergency exit slide, had motives far beyond just wanting to quit his job. This girl got tired of dishing out soda and coffee to disgruntled passengers. 

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INNOCENT: Blagojevich to play Jack Lord’s son in remake of “HAWAII FIVE -0”

“It’s looks like a go ,” said producer Dano Suelek of Amibelle films.  “I called Steve Katzenberg and told him that Blago liked the script and ten minutes later Katezenberg called me back and said, ‘book ’em, Dano.’      “That was kind of funny,” continued Suelek.  “Jack Lord, the guy who used to play the part that Blagojevich has accepted, became famous for always saying that book ’em Dano thing, and it’s like a coincidence that my name is Dano and

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EXCLUSIVE PICS: On board the plane when stewardess STEVEN SLATER lost it.

Joan Cowsfeet. The passenger who started it all.

“The lady who was trying to get to her suitcase had cold cream slathered all over her face,” said Sashi Liebowitz, a passenger on the Jet Blue plane where steward Steve Slater went wild and slid his way into fame.    “She wanted respect or something and the steward was just as bitchy.  I mean, these were two major bitches butting heads.  I ducked for cover but by then the guy opened the door and jumped down the slide.” The

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Fabulous gay flight attendant, Steven Slater, flips out and slides off plane in a bitchy huff.

“What a fabulous queen,” exclaimed passenger Frank D’Angelo, 81, of Brooklyn.    “I guess she just couldn’t take it anymore.  You should have seen her.  It was a sight to behold.  That fabulous queen grabbed her beer and slid down that slide like a true heroine.   She reminded me of the daffy bitchy queens of old.” D’Angelo, a passenger on a Jet Blue flight from Pittsburgh to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, was referring to the bizzare antics of

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Jamie Lee Curtis Fears: “Activia makes me shit my pants uncontrollably.”

Activia yogurt might contain bacteria that help your digestion, but when “actress” Jamie Lee Curtis, the yogurt’s TV spokesperson ate too much, “she” shit her pants at The Golden Globe Awards.  Since that night “she” has consistently shit “her” pants every day, and the “actress” is blaming the problemon Activia. “I was not really having any trouble with my bowels,” said the 51 year old “actress” from “her” home in BelAir, California.  “The company gave me so much Activia that I

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PATRICIA NEAL DIES at 84 – Klaatu. Mirada. Nikto!

Actress and alien enabler, Patricia Neal, who won an Oscar in 1964 for “Hud” and later fought back from crippling strokes, has died at age 84. She also nearly died when an alien robot tried to kill her in Washington DC way back in 1952. She survived when she remembered what Klaatu, the robot’s master, told her to say. “Klaatu, Mirada Nikto,” were the words that got her spared back then but when Gort came back she kinda forgot the incantation. 

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POLICE FEAR: “Sally Field tried to maim Doctor G. Medical Examiner.”

“Im just recovering from my injuries,” said Dr. Janet Garavaglia, known better to cable TV viewers as Dr. G. Medical Examiner.  “I was trying to saw off the top of a dead man’s head,” said Dr. G. “That’s my favorite part of an autopsy, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the saw to cut through the skull.  By the time I realized that something was wrong the saw kicked back and nearly cut off my hand.

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