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Do you know what PATCH is?  For the lucky ones who don’t —  Patch is some kind of town cryer media that sets itself up in every community by hiring locals to report on what’s going on locally. Most or all of the writers and/or editors are not professional journalists no matter how many times you put the word “journalist” through a pasta presser.   In other words, no matter how much you stretch the shit, PATCH articles are usually pure shit about something that happened

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John Lennon Quote — “when I was 5 years…” FAKE ! HOAX!

ANOTHER FAKE FACEBOOK QUOTE: It never ends.  Somebody saw a quote that was easily attributed to John Lennon simply because the words were pasted on top of the picture. It’s a very corny and snarky quote and of course the misfits on Facebook fall for it because they want to believe that John Lennon actually said it — he did not.  In fact, he never really said much of anything worth quoting unless you count song lyrics. The quote is anonymous and

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Did Robert Wagner Murder Natalie Wood?

Veteran actor Robert Wagner might have to have a “Hart to Hart” talk with law enforcement, and if  some “new evidence” is true, Wagner might be taking out a reverse mortgage on a jail cell. Dennis Davern, skipper of the Splendour, the yacht from which Natalie Wood fell into the Pacific ocean and drowned thirty years ago, told NBC’s “Today” show on Friday that he made mistakes by not telling the truth about events leading to the death and had urged

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Facebook Free Heart Transplant Baby photo HOAX!

The latest in a long line of facebook hoaxes is still being passed around by mindless morons on Facebook.  The stupidity of these lonely and/or moronic people never ceases to amaze me. This time it’s an absurd photo of a baby lying in a hospital bed after open heart surgery.  I’m  not sure if the photo is real or staged, but I am certain that the hoax that goes along with it is a real sick one.  I have a feeling, however,

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Facebook Hacking is Rampant — NO SAFETY – November 2011

Facebook has been so hacked as of November 13, 2011, that it is now unreadable and disgusting to look at.   You never know what will pop up on your screen — and it’s coming from your friends who don’t even know it’s happening. Today your Facebook news feed brought you: — Pictures of aborted fetuses — nude people — sick people — sex acts — Mexicans with their brians blown out on the pavement — medical oddities and deformities– it’s all

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Bald Eagle on Soldier’s Grave — Facebook HOAX

If you’re just waking up, be prepared for more maudlin fake shit on your Facebook.  Today’s fake retarded-inspirational Facebook photo is the totally Photo-Shopped atrocity which depicts a bald eagle perched atop the gravestone of a fallen soldier. Now what could be worse than a fallen soldier?  Well, how about a patriotically dishonest photograph that was manufactered on somebody’s computer just because they wanted to see how many people would spread it around. What is the mindset?  What inspires people

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Bankrupt Greeks Coming To New Jersey To Open More Diners.

There used to be a joke about a guy who tells his friend that he recently purchased a Grecian urn.  His friend asks, “What’s a Grecian urn?”  To which the guy responds, “It depends on how well his diner in New Jersey is doing.”  Bud-dump-bump! Anyway, with the collapse of the economy in Greece, many Greek restaurateurs are coming to America and New Jersey is expecting that there will be at least 100 new Greek diners in the Garden State by the year

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Atheists in Costa Mesa, Misquote Thomas Jefferson on Hateful Billboard.

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so — are ya happy now, you stupid, misquoting, atheist, ass-wipes?  I’m actually happy that this happened, and I am especially happy that it happened to the atheist group BACKYARD SKEPTICS.  Some of you know that I have ranted against misquoting famous people for months, and where did it get me?  Well, I got a bunch of stupid letters from stupid people who said that it didn’t

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