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Elizabeth Warren — INDIAN? NATIVE AMERICAN? The Truth From Her Staff?

She’s the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Massachusetts, a consumer advocate, Harvard law professor and, she’d be proud to tell you, a grandmother. What she is most proud to say, however, is that she is descended from Apache warriors who once ruled the plains of North America.   She’s full of shit, but let’s play along and see where we get. “Squaw Warren, as she prefers to be called, says her people were rulers of America before the evil white man

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Do you remember the famous scene in the movie “FARGO” where the car salesman insists that the customer has to get “TRU-COAT” to protect his car for an extra $500 but somehow the unknowing customer falls for the routine — and  the whole thing is a crock of shit?  Well, if you remember that, you can relive a cell phone version of a rip-off used car dealer if you go to any Verizon Wireless store. Verizon Wireless has gotten really high and

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University of Colorado Professors Ken Bickers and Michael Berry have quite a set of bragging rights up their sleeve – namely, they’ve devised a mathematical model of the Electoral College that has predicted every Presidential race correctly since Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980. And despite recent polls showing the presidential race deadlocked both nationally and in key swing states, Bickers and Berry‘s model shows a race that isn’t even close. According to them, not only will Mitt Romney

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Cher wishes AIDS rape. Ellen Barkin wishes death. Cher and Ellen Barkin are Assholes.

On Sunday, washed up old hag, has-been-who-never-was actress, Ellen Barkin, age 68, expressed her hope that Tropical Storm Isaac would smash up the Republican National Convention in Tampa and drown all its delegates.  Yes — it’s true.  She sort of wished death on the people attending the convention.  That is the maturity level of this old hag — and that’s what she is — an old hag who made this desperate re-TWEET to try to get back a hint of a

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Horse Set On Fire In Pennsylvania Struggling To Survive.

NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A ZANY STORY. North Star, a loveable family horse is struggling to survive this week after being drenched with a flammable substance and set on fire over the weekend. “I don’t know what would have possessed anyone to do this. I just know they are sick. They are a sick, sick person,” Jessie Woodworth, owner of the 6-year-old gelding. “It’s a person with a degenerate mind,” Woodworth’s husband, Bob, added. “It would have been much more humane if the person

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QUEEN ELIZABETH SAYS, “God Is Gay For Prince Harry.”

GOD IS GAY FOR PRINCE HARRY and experts at Buckingham Palace have set out to prove it as part of an ongoing investigation by Her Majesty the Queen. Here is the proof they have come up with:  Prince Harry is young.  He is goodlooking. He has a great body.   He has juicy hotties hanging all over him.   He’s a billionaire  Prince of England and — get this — it takes two full hands to only partially cover Prince Harry’s large penis. Is this

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Atheism As A Mental Disorder or Illness? New Studies say, “Yes.”

New information from a 22-year old study at a German University has many psychiatrists and psychologists throughout the world wondering if atheism is a sign or warning of a more serious mental illness already present or in the process of developing.  Doctors are searching for a gene that might cause a correlation between serious mental illness and what they are calling “overt atheism.” The study began based on a student’s observation about Catholic Saints and this motion picture—>: Deus ExMachina. For the time being

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Everybody thought his EW! EW! EW! –  thing was funny — IT WAS NOT!.  Everybody thought his nasal voice was funny  — IT WAS NOT! And now that Ron “HORSHACK” Palillo is dead, he is being hailed as a comedic genius — he was not a comedic genius.  He wasn’t even funny.  He wasn’t anything but a white Steve Irkle.  Sorry — but you know it’s true – and if you thought he was funny it’s a sure sign that you are/were/will

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