TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why.

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TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why.

If you’ve been wondering why TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, once perhaps the finest network on cable TV, is starting to stink like a rotten fish, you need look no further than the new faces who are now working there both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  The new blood seems to have no knowledge of film and no taste in film.  Instead, they subliminally flaunt a sick fixation for focusing on phony diversity, crappy movies, and some really dumb promotional gimmicks.robert osborne

“TCM used to be the TV station you could always turn to when you needed the comfort of a classic film.  It had taste, and standards, and dignity….and it had Robert Osborne,”  said TV writer Dave Matt.   Read about him here. –   Dave M talks about Robert Osborne.


Nowadays, with Osborne somewhere in the distant horizon –  and no one really knowing what’s going on with him apart from the fact that he’s old — TCM has lost its allure and class, and the only thing that saves it from being just another crappity cable show is that every now and then you get a brief look at someone like Bette Davis or Basil Rathbone or Olivia deHavilland, etc.   The rest of the time you’re watching newer movies laced with profanity or obscure art films that bore you to death.  Yes, these are movies too, and they have their place in the archive of film history, but most of it is pure pretense… and people are tuning out.

ALECBetween moments of cinema greatness, you have to sit through some really stupid stuff simply because a whole bunch of the staff at TCM were laid off.  Someone named Jennifer Dorian stepped in to cover for the whole lot, and she might be partially responsible for the new “getting-shitty” TCM.

We prefer, however, to blame the dip in quality on the politically oriented  hosts and amateur talents who taint the entire concept of what was once TCM.

“Even before Jennifer Dorian, the whole shakeup at TCM,  and the semi-vanishing of Robert Osborne, there were still glimmers of some really shitty things to come on the horizon.”  Excerpt from:   Dave M talks about Robert Osborne.

It all started when Alec Baldwin somehow pushed his way onto the set — and let’s face it — that is what he did.  This big dope, this politically moronic Neanderthal bully, managed to snag a short stint as a co-host alongside Robert Osborne.  It took about 10 minutes for anyone with a brain to figure out that Alec Baldwin knows nothing about movies, and that he’s just an impostor who spouts meaningless cinephile-speak.   He doesn’t even know how to pronounce FILM NOIR properly.   Baldwin makes stuff up as he goes along — which is a sickening propensity shared by a lot of dimwitted celebrities  when they’re not reading lines written for them on a teleprompter.

Alec Baldwin, with poor Robert Osborne noticeably squirming in his seat, authoritatively opined about classic films with descriptions things like:  “You can see here how Hitchcock, in this ‘FILM NEW-ARE’ (film noir)  was coaxing the sweat from your brow and convincing the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.”

Come on, Alex!  Get the f**k out of here!   Thankfully, he’s gone…for the time being.  He’ll probably bully his way back dressed as Donald Trump while talking up movies about American Presidents.   Yes. it might get that dumb over at TCM.  In fact, I predict a full-out politically-slanted image for TCM in the near future.

I have chosen to exclude Sally Field from my list of shitty people on TCM because I think she is mentally sick and I would not want to say something bad about her — except that she is mentally sick in the kind of way where you don’t have to feel bad about mocking.

Another sign of the shitty decline which didn’t really show itself until the Presidential election of 2016, is the fact that Ben Mankiewicz, the guy who stepped up to do weekends a few years ago, and seemed to be somewhat tolerable, has turned out to be just another Hollywood Liberal Turd with his stupid and “nobody-is-watching” Young Turks news program.

BENMankiewicz sat at the Young Turks News Desk ( if you can call it that)  on election night along with his panel of totally untalented, uninteresting and utterly unlikable cast of young Turks and bemoaned the election of Donald Trump.  Of course this was  not related to his duties on TCM, but that kind of moonlighting shit trickles into the whole diorama that is TCM.  

Here’s the thing, Ben:  When a TV show has class, and Hollywood Politics starts to leak in, the viewers flee because the show starts to become coarse.  And, like Hollywood itself, the whole shebang loses its charm and allure.   Because of this Hollywood Politics factor that seems to be knocking at the core of TCM, the show has changed and become…SHTICKY.    Do you know what I mean when I say SHTICKY?  It’s almost as though the commentators should be accompanied by some canned laughter.

Now, to make this all even worse, TCM has aired these new segments where they bring in “viewer” co-hosts, and of course these people have no camera presence and they bore you to death.

There is a solid reason why some people are fans/viewers and some people are on-air hosts.    The fans, for the most part, totally stink as hosts and should not be set before a camera.

It’s all so dumb…but not as dumb as the TCM WINE CLUB.

What merchandising skunk came up with that stupid idea?   “Yes, this hearty Merlot goes great with any Bela Lugosi movie because its dark and dangerous aromas take us back to a bleak  forest….”   Gimme a break already.  It’s so dumb that it’s not even worth writing about.   Please, if you have any dignity at all over at TCM,  get rid of that TCM Wine Club.   You don’t need grapes, you need likable stars – if they’re still alive and functioning – to introduce the films for which they are famous.

Here’s an example:

“They had some nobody introduce THE BAD SEED when they probably could have gotten Patty McCormack herself to introduce the movie.  She’s a very talented and engaging actress — and she is very much still around.  Why do you need some nobody in that seat across from whomever, when the real thing is probably ready, willing and able to not only do the job, and hundreds of thousands will tune in to watch them do it?  

“Hollywood and movies only exist because people get sick of seeing everyday people in their daily lives.  TCM movies are the escape from the fact that, while we love our neighbors, they shouldn’t be on TV introducing films.  

“Of course you can’t dig up most of the dead stars who play in these films, but at least make an effort to recruit some names.  You know what, why don’t you pick up a phone and actually give the job to someone like Patty McCormack or Eve Plumb or a dozen other stars who would fit very nicely on TCM.  There are some classy people out there in Hollywood who would do a great job.” Excerpt from:   Dave M talks about Robert Osborne.

SUMMATION:   Without Robert Osborne – now deceased- Turner Classic Movies is slowly getting shittier and shittier.  Eventually it will have commercials and a reality show.   If you’ve tuned into TCM lately you might hear, “Sorry, wrong number.”  Not the movie – the operator.

134 thoughts on “TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why.

  1. I don’t know who you are… But thank you, for writing this.

    I knew there had to be other real TCM fans who see what is happening here… TCM has been abducted by these lefty SJW radical activists – absolute frauds. I just knew this day had to come, and I dread it now that it’s here.

    They could NEVER leave TCM the way it was with Osborne and GOD do I miss him…. All of those white men, sitting around and living life on film without a PC, statistically appropriate cast of minorities who are yelling about their “white privilege”. Men being men, women happy to be women. No no… any remnant of that must be eliminated now. Actually, I’m surprised that they haven’t shut down the station completely and arrest everyone who was watching it.

    Curses on Mankiewicz. I think you are being far too nice in your review of him. Clearly he’s a operative for Young Turks and he’s no longer bothered by trying to hide it.

    There are more of us who see.

  2. Thank you — and I will call you WhoAbductedOsborne if that’s okay — and like the strange women who dressed as vaginas in Washington yesterday, it is important that the word is spread. PLEASE SHARE THE LINK TO THIS on you Facebook or Twitter or wherever. You are correct when you say I am being too kind to Ben Mank, but I was getting sick to my stomach as I researched and wrote the article.

    Thank you again
    Damien LeGallienne

  3. TCM needs to get rid of Tiffany Vazquez and Ben Karnage. Otherwise, the value of TCM will become drastically diluted. They, as “know-nothing millenials” are both awful and have zero credibility. Listen to their intros and compare them to Robert’s and Ben’s. The difference is night and day. You just don’t mix classic films with young hosts in their 20’s and 30’s.

  4. Sadly Robert Osborne has now passed and with him hope that TCM will ever return to what most of us fondly remember. Personally I haven’t watched TCM in quite some time for the very reasons this author points out. Perhaps TCM could be rejuvenated by moving it away from the coasts to middle America, firing everyone and starting over with non liberals

  5. I went to number 20 when I googled Robert Osborne. You are AWESOME! A breath of fresh air. Is there any way you could do a “print” button? I want to print this and hand to people. It is too easy to ignore links sent in emails and nobody looks at my facebook cause I unfriended too many ex-friendsdims. My mistake cause I could have reached them better (my bad).

  6. Wow–what a bitter, sad person you sound like. I love Mr Osbourne just as much as the next guy, but it’s ironic to hear you speak of the class he brings to the channel; yet you exhibit none of the same class in your musings.

  7. Go fuck yourself – If I got a dollar –which I kind of do — for every comment where I am called LONELY or BITTER or I “LIVE IN MY MOTHER’S BASEMENT” – “PATHETIC” or “GET A LIFE” —-ugh — fucking simpletons who comment and prove the mission statement of my blog.

    Damien LeGallienne

  8. Thanks. Well done.TCM is almost finished. The editorial purity and class that Robert Osborne brought to the screen now belong to the stuff that TCM once was.

  9. Thanks. Well done.TCM is almost finished. The editorial purity and class that Robert Osborne brought to the screen now belong to the stuff that TCM once was. Btw, I sort of like Ben Mankiewicz, but Tiffany Vazquez? What a contrived stereotypical dipstick!

  10. Time to flush the TCM turd down the toilet. I’ve choked down many a vomit because of TCM, the hosts, the shitty programming and now……. Alec “talentless hack” Baldwin. HE? is replacing Robert Osborne?! WTH? TCM was the place I went to get away from left wing whiners, “stars” telling me what I need to feel or think. Shitty days at work. That I chose the wrong toilet cleaner, whatever. It was my escape. It was my safe space and it was my neutral safe word. Now this asshat will be on. Genius. I enjoy intelligent views and conversations on politics. It has no place on TCM and he will bring it along with shitty movie picks. What the hell does he know? Why not Eddie Mueller? The TCM group that shared their last brain cell must have buried it because it was near a Trump supporter. Time to hit EBAY and stock up. I won’t renew my cable. TCM is now TAPS

  11. The mission statement where you proclaim yourself a genius and the meanest son of a bitch on earth…that one? Well you’re welcome to go and fuck your own self. I could give a fuck if you’re lonely, bitter or all that other shit, fuck you. How does someone calling you those things prove your own assertion to genius, genius? I could go more but what would be the point,right?I will throw another Fuck You your way though.

  12. This brilliant comment comes to us from Trumann/Jonesboro Arkansas — some 5th tier communications company — past middle aged dude – fuktard

  13. I am SO glad to know that I’m not the only one completely turned off by what TCM has become. Very, very sad. The shit they’re putting on these days is just that: shit. Stupid, coarse, vulgar, grotesque, abominable, detestable shit. I hate EVERYTHING about it now. I used to be able to count on it to entertain me all day working around the house. No more. I could cry.

  14. Get used to it, Betty. This is the end of TCM as you knew it. All the sickos are taking over. You used the word COARSE — that is a perfect way to sum it up.

    Damien LeGallienne

  15. I’m a 22 year old [still in college] female who grew up watching TCM and gained a reverence for all things classic movies/old Hollywood. I always believed TCM would be the “constant” in an otherwise trashy, unimaginative world of rapidly declining TV and entertainment.
    Robert Osborn has passed and I’m still so sad. But what makes me even more sad is what TCM is doing now! Our rapidly advancing world is wrought with stress, turmoil, non-stop technology and too much reality. I work in cyber crime and get my FILL of violence, protest, crime and struggle. It would be nice to have a haven; an escape from reality and a connection with something of our past. That’s what TCM used to represent and epitomize.
    Now… Vasquez and Mankiewicz are DESTROYING and devaluing the form and the brand. I have cut back my viewing by at least 75% since Mr Osborne’s exit and anticipate more. I literally DREAD seeing Vasquez and only ever tolerated the seemingly irreverent Mankiewicz because he was only on occasionally. And yuck to Alec Baldwin! Gross!
    Please invest more into attracting and identifying QUALITY, classy, appropriate TCM hosts and save this iconic, unique channel/genre/brand!

  16. Patron — Thank you. There is hope for the future of the USA if even 1% of the young people think like you do. I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote.

    Damien LeGallienne

  17. For years I always said I would be satisfied if TCM was the only channel I could get, I can live without cable. Well I did have to live without? cable for a couple of years and it was TCM that I pined for. Now we have had Sling for about 3 months and what a let down. At first I thought maybe we aren’t getting the same programming as cable or something. I have yet to watch a movie on TCM. I miss Robert Osborne and I miss my TCM. In an elementary school project my daughter now 18 once wrote “Dad is always outside smoking cigarettes and Mom is always begging for Classics” and I have shared many laughs for that over the years. Now I just wanna cry. We have effectively lost a jewel and a beautiful link with our art and history.

  18. For years I always said I would be satisfied if TCM was the only channel I could get, I can live without cable. It was such a comfort and there was always something worth watching. Well I did have to live without? cable for a couple of years and it was TCM that I pined for. Now we have had Sling for about 3 months and what a let down. I have yet to watch TCM and feel somehow cheated. What a shame and a waste.

  19. KUDOS, KUDO & KUDOS AGAIN TO DAMIEN and Those In Intelligent Agreement of What WE ALL are seeing here as the Decline of the BEST Damned Station for Classic Movies — IN THE WORLD!!! Because I thought I was the ONLY Person who has become dis-enchanted with TCM and THE “Classless Schlock” that has BECOME OUR Beloved TCM, I JOIN IN Here Writing!!! While Robert O. lay dying TCM took a Turn for the Absolute Worse!!!! I would NEVER, knowingly throw ANYONE under the bus — but I have NEVER understood Ms. Vasquez’s Contribution!!! I just don’t get her purpose — other than the fact that she’s a female — In an ALL-Male Cast???? I am So Disappointed in TCM!!! GO GET Nick Clooney and Save The Sinking Ship NOW!!! We DON’T NEED WINE — WE NEED A CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!! And Alec B. Isn’t IT!!! TCM PLEASE HEAR US.

  20. Random thoughts,……..a night of James Caan movies on TCM , UGH !… Letterman saying to an agreeing Baldwin that you can’t compare “The Lost Weekend” with “Days of Wine and Roses” because Days is in color,…….that stupid wine club , tonight under the guise of gay Hollywood , “Year of Living Dangerously”,”Poltergeist” and “Torch Song Trilogy”, NONE of them qualify as a classic the way we know classic. TCM, RIP.

  21. YOU NAILED IT HELENE!!! The black and white comment was so dumb that they should have cut to a test pattern and shut the place down right then and there. BTW — Torch Song Trilogy is NOT a gay movie…they don’t get that. It’s a vanity piece for the incredibly untalented and sickening Harvey what’s-his-name — HOW DID HE BECOME FAMOUS? Like I said in the article, the people who run the show now are morons who know NOTHING about cinema — the TCM concept has been ruined.

    Damien LeGallienne

  22. I have watched TCM since it’s inception. Robert Osborn was pure class and made TCM what it use to be- pure class. Since his death the focus on el toro caca movies is purely stupid just like Ben Mankiewicz. He needs the Tony Montana fix by taking his head and see if it fits up his ass. And now no more now playing movie magazine? So the Chanel is lost and will most likely never regain its stature. I refuse to look up the schedule online. TCM represented the era of hard work making great made in America movies that defined the golden age of Hollywood. The 70’s experiment in film was a failure. None with the exception of a few stand the rest of time. Too bad. So sad. I am not glad and now watch dvds as an artistic alternative. Another blow up the greatness that was once called TCM. If I had power I’d bury those cockroaches!

  23. You are spot on David – and did you notice that the hosts now get in their political digs here and there? It will only get worse and worse and worse.

    Damien LeGallienne

  24. Every time I watch Essentials on TCM I cringe. It seems the network now enjoys putting on as far left liberals as they can find. None seem to be qualified film historians. I enjoyed learning from Osborne. Why can’t they at least let qualified film historians on there ? So disappointed!!!

  25. It’s all about the moronic feminists who have taken control and RUINED the concept, Holly. THEY DON’T GET IT !!!!

    Damien LeGallienne

  26. I agree with Holly,i know there are old Hollywood stars could have taken the place of Robert,and i believe if they do that then TCM will be saved.

  27. I agree with Holly,i know there are old Hollywood stars could have taken the place of Robert,and i believe if they do that then TCM will be saved.let’s not get to upset with Ben,i fill he did pretty good when he was working side by side with Robert.but everyone has their own opinion.

  28. I agree with Holly,i know there are old Hollywood stars could have taken the pl

    ace of Robert, and i

    believe if they do that then TCM will be

    saved.let’s not get to upset with Ben,i fill he did pretty good when he was working side by side with Robert.but everyone has their own opi nion .

  29. I wish They would launch a new network called Robert Osborne’s TCM and show all of Robert Osborne’s Intro’s and outro’s I’d watch it more than the TCM there is now/

  30. August Under the Stars?? The month is over and some of the “stars” were pretty bad. Elvis Presley? Rock and roll movies are not “classic”. Vanessa Redgrave?Wrong era. Rod Taylor? Again,wrong era. Slim Pickens? Supporting actor at best. Marion Davies? She never made it into the regular TCM line up. George Sanders, while he always gave an excellent performance , an entire day of mostly sub par movies. I’m sure there were others that merit honorable mention.

  31. Totally agree that TCM is no more and has been ruined. I am considering removing it from my cable package which is really the main reason I subscribed! I am rarely finding anything if interest- and what about this Woodstock theme? !

  32. The commentary above hits the nail on the head, so I will not elaborate, but I have a serious beef with the program selection, on two levels:

    First, this fixation on musicals, silent and sub-title movies is becoming tedious, because what used to be mainly a Sunday occurrence is now popping up intermittently throughout the week, which leads to my second point…

    Why must we have a star and/or theme of the day, week, month, etc., so many, in fact, that they keep running into each other. We might not see a given movie for a year, then see it four times in a month, because some yahoo program director is sipping too much wine at the office, and the viewers are becoming as conflicted as the movie lineup.

    Television has become convoluted with so many distractions on sports channels (commercials, multiple replays and show-boating), news channels that can no longer be believed, even a weather channel that focuses on negative forecasting when they can and a tabloid magazine when they cannot, not to mention the racially upside-down composition of television advertising… well, where is the respite, the safe harbor, the blessed relief from this garbage???

    TCM??? Not any more. However, the good news in all this may be that viewers will now cut the cable, turn to their private dvd libraries and read a few more good books than they used to.

  33. I have enjoyed watching TCM for years. Every Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford (and other greats) film was sure to have my full attention. I made it a point to get more information from Mr. Osborne’s introductions, where he made it clear- he really enjoyed classic movies. I wasn’t sure just how much this channel would change after his death, but it has steadily gone downhill.

  34. Damien you’ve expressed very nicely what I have been feeling since the death of Robert Osborne.

    TCM is a joke – I watch Eddie on Sunday with Film Noir but that’s about it.

    And next time Tiffany Vasquez is on – watch her “gator arms”. Her elbows are attached to her hip and all she can move are her big man hands. But they’ll never get rid of her. They’ve checked a box.

  35. I cannot stand Ben Mankiewicz as a host. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in his own life, but I simply am amazed and cannot figure out in any way what TCM saw in him. I hear all the time and know that he is connected to Hollywood Film Golden Age family royalty. But to me, that would be like Replacing Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy with a fourth- or fifth-removed cousin who was working in a factory, simply because they were related. Ben has no presence or thoughtful comments–nor way to introduce them–that adds to the films he introduces or the stations former Tiffany-like image and feel. I’m hoping that sooner, rather than later, he gets the hint and goes away. Sadly, TCMs programming lately has become lazy–possibly reflecting the generational demographic of whom they’re hiring now to run and program it behind the scenes. Maybe they’re alll spending a lot of time on their iPhones instead. 🙁

  36. I just found your article. I’ve been a fan of TCM since the beginning and now find it intolerable. They’ve ruined my favorite channel!

    Thank you for speaking the truth, everything you said was spot on!

  37. A couple of nights ago, Mankiewicz was introducing Robert Ryan’s The Woman On Pier 13, a cool little political crime story about Communist Party infiltration of a San Francisco dock worker’s uniion. Since this was a “salute to the Hollywood Black List,” Mankiewicz launches into a lecture on the “rampant paranoia” of the times and the “pure propaganda” of the film that he was introducing.

    But more than the content of his little socialist pom-pom routine, what was truly objectionable was the tone. The “sneering contempt” political rap this creep features is a very fashionable thing right now. Good luck with that shit. I’ll be making sure Ben gets the mute button treatment from now on.

  38. I’m glad to find my wife and I are not along in our dislike of Tiffany Vazquez. She lacks everything essential to host TCM. You could never seemlessly replace Robert Osborne but there has to be far better choices out there than Vazquez.
    We want and need the host to be knowledgeable, passionate and present in a warm and entertaining way. TCM has lost its way and doesn’t look like it will ever recover. It’s very sad for all of us that found so much comfort in watching the channel.
    I’ve watched TCM religiously since it’s inception,, gone to 4 a Hollywood festivals and one cruise. It was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to us classic movie fans but nothing last forever.

  39. The search phrase “tcm has gone downhill since Robert Osborne died” brought me here. Thank you for this. I started noticing changes before he died, but I thought it might have been my imagination. It wasn’t. The downhill turn has accelerated since he died. That said, I actually like Tiffany and Ben, but Alex needs to take a hike. Oh, and the wine club? Good grief. Give it a rest. You’re selling a product and desperately trying to tie it to old movies. Anyone who doesn’t see through that has too much sap in their eyes.

    All that said, I’m disappointed in the programming. In the past, there wasn’t a day that went by where I couldn’t find at least one movie I wanted to watch. I haven’t watched anything in weeks. A lot of repeats, too. I miss the good old days of TCM.

    Anyway, thanks again. Glad I’m not alone.

  40. This article hits the nail on the head.I had been a loyal viewer of TCM for years. There were many a day I never went to another channel. I was entertained, educated, and satisfied as a viewer. Now I rarely ever have TCM on. The programming has gone from great to bad to absolutely terrible. Hitchcock on Christmas day. Wow, really great for the Christmas spirit. Other than Eddie Muller the TCM hosts’ are scripted, uninformed, and boring. With TCM’s vast movie library I never thought they would resort to repeat, repeat, repeat but that’s what they have done. So sorry to see the rapid decline of a once fabulously entertaining and educational television station.

  41. For the first time since I have been watching tcm in the late 1990’s, I don’t look forward anymore. I’ve read everyone else reasons what happened to tcm and I can’t disagree. The channel seems to be moving away from the masses of America to the hollwood’s hometown. I don’t have any suggestions on how to fix it but I don’t see the channel lasting past 2018. My last thought would be maybe they are transitioning the channel to merge with something else. Oh well. Nothing really good lasts forever.

  42. Turned on TCM noir this morning. The host said it was O.K. if you skipped Mass to watch this movie because Jesus would forgive you. UGH! Deeply offensive and I am not Christian.

  43. I’m a little perplexed over the intensity of the emotions expressed on this page. I have had a deep appreciation for Mr. Osborne, but I have not noticed a profoundly deep shift in regard to TCM’s direction. Maybe I only tune in for the movies and only take the commentators with a grain of salt. It’s not like they have all that much to offer in the few minutes they are on.

    I do listen to someone such as Mankiewicz, as the little trivial tidbits regarding the behind-the-scenes of a movie or its participant(s) are often to my interest, and I haven’t noticed his “liberal politics” getting in the way. (Most movies are not political, and his comments are generally confined to movie-related matters.) Some of the “talking head” guests are not without value, as for example, the great director William Friedkin. And is Alec Baldwin really that much of a dumbbell? (Frankly, I don’t pay all that much attention to what he says. I do recall the interview he conducted with Gene Wilder, and felt Baldwin did a fine job at least with that gig.)

    As for the types of movies offered, I welcome the ones that have not been overexposed, particularly ones from the later decades; we all love the classic movies (which I would define as the great ones that have made a mark), but sometimes one gets the feeling they are run back-to-back, and it’s not as though the “Grade B” movies from the 1930s-40s that the schedule is sometimes saturated by are what would be called “classic.”

    I certainly agree that it would be wonderful to get a participant of a movie to often be involved, as with the Patty McCormack/THE BAD SEED example, but it’s probably not easy to get such people to drop everything and participate. (As an example, let’s say Patty gets the phone call. She’s probably tired of her association with this main claim-to-fame of hers, and what would be her incentive? The few hundred dollars that TCM may or may not offer?)

    It’s wonderful to see how passionate the TCM fans are who have contributed with their comments on this page, but I got the sense there is an overreaction. The on-air commentaries are not all-that-important, they last a very brief time anyway; what matters are the movies, and I do not see anything that has changed on that end. (A comment from above took issue with Elvis Presley, Rod Taylor, George Sanders. What? They are all perfectly legitimate screen presences. The way we perceive “stars” to our liking is all very subjective, n’est-ce pas?) The protestations have gone way overboard to my view, and please bear in mind (in addition to everything else): TCM is a non-premium cable channel that is presented without commercials, a wonderful luxury in our anything-for-a-buck society, and something I am extremely grateful for.

  44. Most of us can see the disease that has infected TCM, the mainstream media and a significant part of America, though not a majority (the 2016 election proved that). It is called the Liberal Lie!!!

    One of the worst things that these left-wingers do is to invade our private leisure time. TCM used to be a respite for so many of us, but has now become a vehicle for slow poison.

    Further, I play puzzles on USAToday every day, and must tolerate a 1-2 minute product ad before each game. This week the ads became a political Trump-bashing ad run repeatedly and apparently sponsored by a certain senator from New England. Opposing the President on many issues, perhaps because of representing a Blue state and thinking it is politically expedient, or perhaps because it clears one’s conscience. The democrats welcome the support now, but in time will make every effort to crucify their ally.

    For over a year, the sore-loser minority has been trying to tear down our President because they are desperate that he will undo the bullshit of a previous administration. A previous president did nothing but lay the groundwork for anarchy in this country, by authoring chaos, sowing discord, and fathering lies.

    Patriots in America should boycott TCM and the liberal media for as long as it takes for the money to run out and for it to get flushed down the hopper. Then we can start over and maybe make it like something resembling the good old days. The liberals will call us reactionary, but who cares? Liberals have never helped anyone but themselves, least of all minorities, who are no better off now than they were 50 years ago. Without victims the liberals are out of business!!!

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